Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When is the First Amendment NOT the First Amendment? Time to ban the US Flag.

Well, the answer used to be "never."

Until the past week.

Now, we have a scenario where fear of name-calling shapes policy and points out cowardice while the left laughs at us and no one... NO ONE... will change their vote to the cowards one wit because they caved into fear.

It's what they expected the GOP to do.  It's what the GOP ALWAYS does.

Here's the real cause of the church attack.
A small group manufactures outrage over a situation they, for the most part, didn't give a damn about 2 weeks ago.

The minor detail here is that NONE of this was caused by a flag.  Not one of these cowards would go so far as to blame it on a piece of cloth.

So, here's the thing: I can think of another flag that meets all the criteria of the active effort to ban the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.

To a certain segment of our society, the American Flag stands for much of the same thing, as well as genocide, disease, a permanent second-class citizenship... the whole thing.


I am, of course, referring to our Native American population.

You cannot actively hate just one flag that stands for this sort of thing to just one group, without also hating another flag that stands for much of the same thing to another.

Can you?

I mean, God hates a hypocrite... doesn't He?

I have never been ashamed of this country as much as I am now.

Just like we're allowing muslims to slaughter tens of thousands...  and at some point, millions... when we abandoned a Middle East that WE, as a nation, is responsible for.... precisely like this country allowed... even fostered... the Nazi's in Germany doing the precise, same thing while we stood by and watched... doing nothing.

Combine that with the Scumbag-in-Chief's caving on negotiating with terrorists, and just wait for the bloodbath to become a blood ocean.

God Help Us.


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