Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Obama turns the US into Mexico; Creates thousands of new jobs in the foreign hostage market; cements his place as the worst president this Nation has ever known.

Look, we all know that Obama has been striking for the rank of dead last when it comes to being the worst president this country has ever known, easily outdistancing his closest rival, Jimmy Carter, by a thousand miles.

But to assist terrorists in overtly financing their operations and giving the high sign to international criminals?

That takes an extraordinary level of idiocy.

This clown, famous for trading 5 high-level taliban terrorists for an Army deserter while lionizing both him and his parents in a Rose Garden ceremony, couldn't pour pee out of a boot.  He uses the Constitution on a daily basis for his own peculiar brand of toilet paper and his list of actions long since worthy of impeachment is both long and distinguished... except, of course, the GOP-controlled Congress is even more inept and incompetent than he is, so I suppose that it's to be expected.

But now, this scumbag has made the commercialization of kidnapping/hostage taking possible at the world wide level.

For those who have not seen the movie, "Man on Fire," It's a case study of the Mexican kidnapping business, a bloody tour de force staring Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken, among others.

THIS is yet another hole, blown from the inside-out, in the American ship of state.

Until now, American hostage taking has been a pin-prick.  Now, thanks to this scumbag's decision to allow private payment to hostage takers, is there any doubt that the torrent will turn into a flood?

I could, perhaps, forgive this short-bus reject if he had surrounded himself with people smarter than he is.

But he didn't.  And we are suffering now... and we will be suffering for decades... because this scumbag darkened the doorway of the White House... and Congress, both democrat and GOP... are letting him.


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