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The rank hypocrisy of WalMart: Confederate Battle Flag v. Che Guevara.

Yesterday, the United States was treated to it's own version of Kristalnacht by spineless, pandering politicians and historically ignorant leftist revisionists who deflected the root causes of the tragedy of the Charleston AME Church shooting to... the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virgina.

The political jujitsu was breathless in it's breadth and depth.  The parallels between the Nazi German mindset and the mindset of those who view the First Amendment as the First Suggestion in their effort to pander to the more hypocritical leftist elements stunning to behold.

Up until this successful effort by the hypocritical left and the more milquetoast RINO elements among us to deflect and demonize a symbol over the substance of the racial divide that the president and his thugs have worked so hard to foster since his stain darkened the history of our democracy., I hadn't paid much attention to this issue.

I don't have one of these flags or any other symbol rooted in the politics surrounding the Civil War.

But I intend to get one.

Of those babbling about this issue, I may have some unique qualifications to address it: I have experienced racism aimed at me personally as a white child attending a heavily majority populated elementary school for 6 year, I have seen a half-Asian step-son claim it as the basis for all of his failures in school while my oldest son half-Asian son has just completed his second year of Oregon Law School.

I'm cursed with a historical perspective, a knowledge of history and an anger directed at tyranny.

That perspective has provided me with a fear of "banning."

Once the ability to "ban" is used... there's no stopping it.

What's the next thing... idea... song.. picture... thought... look... to be banned?

Who enforces it?  Who starts it?

Who stops it?

I'm further cursed with a deep-seated disdain for pandering politicians and companies that take advantage of any disaster (As Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of America's Abattoir (Chicago) where what happened in that Charleston Church is typically called "Friday" in the numbers killed in that city, week in and week out; famously stated Rahm's Rule; "never let a serious crisis go to waste") such as, in this instance, the despicable Hillary Clinton.

There's this drivel from the Murderer of Benghazi today:


And here's her take on the issue a few years back:

The list of politicians running from/pandering to what they foolishly believe to be the popular sentiment is long and distinguished. (Quoting "Goose" in the movie Top Gun, when asked "whose ass did you kiss to get in here?"  Goose replied "The list was long... and distinguished.")

Given the rampant cowardice among most, I completely get why the pols are scurrying to get on the "me-too" list while ignoring history and concluding that the issues are just too-deep for Joe Sixpack to understand.

After all, how often have our own representatives betrayed us by concluding, as they shaft us, that we "just wouldn't understand" while they proceed to ignore the will of the people with such monuments to their arrogance as the CRC/Light Rail scam, and jacking up our gas tax, campaign promises to the contrary notwithstanding and the idiocy of the BRT which we will waste millions and millions on... only to see it go away a few years from now as we can no longer afford it.

But then... along comes WalMart.

WalMart is despised by certain segments of this society.  The Arkansas-based multi-national has had portrayals that could be filed under the label of "not too particularly flattering."

Yesterday, someone high up in the administration of that company decided they needed to implement the ubiquitous "Rahm Rule" at the corporate level by exclaiming that they would cease selling any confederate-flag themed merchandise.

That, of course, is WalMart's choice to make.  Just like it's my choice to make to never set foot in that company's doorway as a result, having defended their practices literally, for years.

Meanwhile, having applied a certain standard to their merchandise, one has to wonder: where does it stop?

WalMart also sells guns and ammo.  A LOT of guns and ammo.

Are they going to stop selling that as well, given the leftist butthurt over guns and their efforts to control us through trying to restrict those sales and purchases?

Whatever.  Meanwhile, as I say, what WalMart sells is completely up to them.

So why are they selling anything related to that darling of the left, Ernesto "Che" Guevara?

You've seen that merchandise.  Here's a sample off WalMart's website of what you can buy emblazoned with the visage of a murdering thug of a communist scumbag... all from your friendly, neighborhood, WalMart.

You know... the store that just announced they were no longer going to sell the Confederate flag because it was "bad," or something?

As well as these beauties:

Che Guevara Speaks

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Walmart #: 000000000
Che Guevara Speaks

Che Guevara: Where You'd Never Imagine Him

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By: null
Che Guevara: Where You'd Never Imagine Him

And other pieces of filth for that piece of filth... all directly from the WalMart web site.

Can't find this poster at WalMart, though:

Image result for walmart Che Guevara merchandise

Now, don't get me wrong.

Che wasn't always a murderous thug who personally shot hundreds and beat several more to death with a baseball bat.

But whatever Che's redeeming social value may have been, I know that the Confederate flag never killed anyone.

Che Guevara personally murdered hundreds, if not thousands.

And WalMart sells his Tshirt.  But then, hypocrisy infests us at all levels, and not just the political.  Right, Sam?

It's the symbolism, you see.  It doesn't matter what the Battle Flag of Northern Virgina ACTUALLY means... it's what people THINK it means that matters.  The PERCEPTION is the reality.

It's not politicians who act out of the courage of their convictions... it's about political opportunists required to get on the "me too" band wagon.

It's about the ignorant who have not seen what I have seen, who have not personally experienced what I have experienced and who are inculcated with that moronic "white guilt/privilege" garbage.

It's about the lack of principle infesting the GOP at a cellular level where political promises and tenets of the conservative philosophy are meaningless items to be cast aside whenever opportunity knocks... because you are damned sure not going to find anyone running for office who will EVER say "I would rather be right... than be president."

As I was a little boy in Central Seattle in the early 60's... even then, I came to know, first hand, the impacts of racism in ways that few of those running off at the mouth over it will ever know.

As a parent of a multi-racial child, I have seen the impacts and victimization of those who choose to use it as an excuse for their own lack of effort and failure... and those who view it as an obstacle... but not an insurmountable wall.

A terrible mistake was made here yesterday as ignorant knees jerked the way they were told for reasons that do us no credit.  And frankly, it makes me even more ashamed of my government and many people outside of government today.

Like WalMart.

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