Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Republican betrayal at the federal level is now complete:

For the time since the GOP took complete control over Congress, the lies were obvious and, to coin a phrase, came fast and furious.

I warned everyone that there would be no difference between the parties.  Time has borne my vision out.

I had hopes, but those were emotions.  My academic self knew better.

The betrayal is now complete.

I will never vote for a Republican or Democrat at the federal level again.

And it's becoming increasingly difficult to vote GOP at the state level as well, given the Senate GOP's betrayal of us on the gas tax scam and the corruption they engaged in with the Lieutenant Governor.

I have less than no confidence that the GOP will do anything but be willing accomplices to our ongoing weakening and ultimate destruction.

I see no evidence to the contrary and much evidence to support that conclusion as the rest of the world laughs at us at EVERY level.

Indeed.  The GOP is now supporting this despicable cur more than his own party.


That's not the half of it.

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