Thursday, June 04, 2015

Still glad you voted GOP?

Part of the reason I've ended my campaign work after the better part of 3 decades is the betrayal by those you've supported.

Oh, it's not everyone, to be sure.  But it's enough that it's simply not worth the stress, the wear, the tear, the years off of my life and the price my family has paid.

The fact is that once many get elected, it's a matter of time until they become co-opted.

They arrive with the best of intentions... and sooner or later, they're worn away... to gradually become something unrecognizable.

Take Marc Boldt, for example.

He went from staunch, dependable conservative to downtown mafia sock puppet, practically overnight.

He was so bad, the local GOP kicked him out.

Greg Kimsey took a little longer in terms of time, but he is far left and unrecognizable as a Republican.  He, too, should be kicked out of the party for his betrayal on the charter.  But he helps to make me ashamed I ever called myself a Republican.

I long since knew that about most of the GOP leadership in Congress.  But it typically applies at every level.

The rank and file rarely does better in office, instead making us believe that they're actually DOING something instead of confusing motion with action, so we'll re-elect them like faithful little dogs.

And this is what we get.

I wouldn't let the GOP leadership run an elevator for me.

Here's the list of what they're doing TO us... instead of FOR us.  So what the hell is the point?

White House coordinating efforts with House leaders...
Finger-pointing begins...

'Climate change' regs in Obamatrade too...
CARLY: Release Obamatrade Text Now!
'Devil In The Details'...

That's right, kids: these scum are doing another kind of Obamacare.  And like the last one, those supporting this garbage NEVER READ IT.

That's what blind allegiance has done.  That's what stupidly voting for someone merely because of the letter after their name has done.

Still glad you voted for the "settle for" candidate?

Still glad you voted GOP?  

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