Thursday, June 04, 2015

Primary is fast approaching: August 4.(Updated with new numbers)

So, there's around 60 days, more or less, remaining until the herd is culled.

Out here in the rural areas where us'n folk barely have dat 'lectricity, the only races I'm concerned with are those for the county council.

The Vancouver Soviet is hopeless; in reality, it doesn't matter who they've got to practice their peculiar form of Stalinist democratic centralism, so I'm not going to bother with them having pointed out that as much as Bart Hansen sucks for this county... and he does... voting for a thug would... perhaps... be even worse.


That leaves us with the county-wide and District 2.

In the county-wide, action has been, essentially, moving at the speed of set concrete.

Reported campaign contributions have effectively stopped for all the county races, save for a small dribble.

I'd be surprised if more than $2000 had been reported since filing week for all 9 races, which ended some 2 weeks ago (April 20).

Taking them in PDC order, Boldt hasn't raised anything since even before Dalesandro announced.

His last donation is listed as 11 April.  He's showing $2300 total.

Madore, of course, will have all the money he needs, whenever he needs it.  But as of now, he's showing "0," and while that likely would concern any other candidate, it's of no concern to him.

(UPDATE:  While David Madore has provided his campaign with some $23,500 or so, he has ALSO raised $11,700 in cash from individual contributors.)

Benton (Mary) is also showing "0," but her husband, Don, is one of the most formidable fund raising machines I've ever seen.  I expect the final tally to dwarf the other District 2 candidates in the end.

Green is spending his own money like he's printing it.  But this titular head of the C3G2 hate group and CRC/Loot Rail Scammer in charge of ignoring the voters of this county on the BRT rip off can't even panhandle money from them... and he's showing a paltry $2590... a whole $450 since filing closed.

Olson has put together $10,600 or so, most of it thanks to Liz Pike, who held one of her legendary fund raisers for her.

Since then, however, she's put together $1550... and she will have to do much, much better than that.

The other fringe-left nutjob running in the second, Pond, hasn't raised any money either.  But then, I don't expect him or Green to raise a great deal, since neither, in my estimation, stands a chance.

Jeanne Stewart decided to go "short form," which is a pledge to not raise more than $5000.

Hopefully, she'll reconsider that at some point.  

Stewart is going to make a splash as the only woman running for the Chair job.  She will have several things going for her, including her gender since everything else being equal, an appreciable percentage of women will vote their gender... perhaps as much as 5%.

But she also brings the scars of fighting the CRC/Loot Rail wars and coming out on the side of the people.  As all three of the current councilors can proudly wear those political combat ribbons, the people of Clark County will never confuse Stewart with anything approaching a shrinking violet.

In fact, I love to have her run against that clueless idiot we've got in Congress, come to think of it. But then, I'd rather have a Cavalier Spaniel than the clueless idiot we've got their now.

(UPDATE: Reliable source Lew Waters indicates that Stewart has rethought that plan and is going all in with regular reporting.  That has yet to be reflected in the PDC's however.)

(UPDATE2: Upon further review, Stewart HAS filed for full reporting.  I apologize for misreporting this.)

Mielke took off like a rocket, relatively speaking, raising $19,360.  Since filing, however, Tom has raised $100.

The Battle Ground Hobbit, uber-fringe lefter whacker democrat candidate of last resort Dalesandro, hasn't bothered to file with the PDC.

As money is an indicator of viability, this clearly shows that it has to be a great deal more than that.

"Viable" races are races that have at least some chance of success in November.

County-wide, I view the viable races as these:

In no particular order...

County Chair:

Madore, Stewart, Mielke.

District 2, tentatively...

Benton (Mary), Olson.

The perception of Madore as some wounded elephant was disproven by Stewart's prior victory over Pridemore last November.  Local leftist slime did everything they could to tie Stewart to Madore.

That moron Pond went out and bought a ton of small signs to attached to some GOP candidates that they attempted to use Madore as some sort of club by attaching a "endorsed by David Madore" sign to their campaign signs as if that would make any difference.

Clearly, it did not.

That was just one of many "signs" that the leftist hatred is Brancaccio-like in it's depth and perception, but not so much when it comes to the people of this county.

But then, Lefty knows as much about politics as he does about molecular biology.

Madore can define himself in any manner he so chooses.  He can define any of his opponents in the same way.  He's got money, name familiarity and did I say money?

His opponents will whine about that (Boldt already has, for example) just like they always whine when a GOP'er uses their money for campaigning... and just like they NEVER do it when a leftist uses his or her money for a campaign.

But so what?  He (Or she) who spends the most USUALLY wins.

Dalesandro, the only candidate with a "D" after his name will likely survive to the general, but it will be a Pyhrric victory, to be sure.

Every time he opens his mouth, he'll lose votes.  A devote of that moron in the White House, this will be his first and only term, even in the Battle Ground Council where fate elected him based on his opponent.  Any one else would have beaten him, and this chump was so-ill-prepared for running after 30 others or so turned the local democrats down that he was absolutely unprepared by ability or temperament to run a campaign.

I expect he'll get roughly 38% of the vote in both the primary and the general... ala Mussolini Mikey Briggs. (Who in reality, was such a miserable candidate he only managed 36% against the uber-weak "Lumpy" Vick.)

Mielke has a strong chance at winning and is unphased by money: after all, having been outspent 9 to 1 last go round didn't cause him any particular difficulty in dispatching a much better candidate than Dalesandro... Joe Tanner.

There is no doubt it will be one of the three current, sitting, councilors in the county-wide.


Lew Waters said...

Last I heard, Jeanne Stewart backed away from mini-reporting and went full-reporting.

Gillespie announced that on May 29.

Just a guy said...

Maybe, but l don't see the change on her PDC's.