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Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio = Rachel Dolezal.

Lying Lefty Lou's mythical "friend."
Lying Lefty never ceases to amaze.  The idea that a fringe-leftist of the old school with a mind welded shut decades ago would urge US to keep an "open mind" to the trashing he's got in mind to smack the GOP candidates he hates this election... like most elections... is among the very largest acts of hypocrisy yet from the warped keyboard of Lying Lefty Lou.

Just about every election cycle, Lying Lefty is forced to play to  stereotype.

He makes up mythical friends (And who would ever think of a pathological liar as having a "friend?") to portray himself as something he's not.

He uses these fictional people as metaphors.  He also makes them up because if anyone actually ever DID say the crap Lying Lefty claims they said, there's a strong possibility they'd be hauled into court for a sanity hearing.
This issue came up a few days ago when I was chatting with a friend. I consider this friend a bright, objective, observational kind of guy. He said he regularly reads The Columbian and finds it to be neither liberal nor conservative.
Sure.  That looks legit.  Anyone moronic enough to agree with Lying Lefty... even made up, imaginary friends... is automatically considered "...bright, objective..." and "observational."

If Lying Lefty's imaginary friend had looked at Lou and said, "Lou, you print that rag like the democrat party paid you by the word.  You're lucky one of those who's character you've attempted to assassinate hasn't sued you and that swindle-sheet you print into bankruptcy," there's not a lot of chance THAT quote from the fake "friend" would have ever seen the light of day.

Kind of like the color of Lying Lefty's hair is all natural.
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Lying Lefty Lou

If such a "friend" would utter the words Lying Lefty actually claimed, he wouldn't be let out without a keeper, his vision of reality so far afield from the real world.
And, of course, my friend has it right. (Lying Lefty says-edit) As do many others in our beautiful community. I've personally spoken to thousands of residents in our community. Both liberals and conservatives. Many of them have come in to buy a Don't Do Stupid Stuff mug. When I go up to our front desk to say hi, what do I hear most?
"I don't always agree with what you write, but I do enjoy your column. It makes us think."
So many lies in so few lines.

Most people reading Lying Lefty's column have an entirely different reaction... like nausea.

The fact is that for the past two years or so, no thought has been required.  Who has to "think" about recycled hatred?  Easily 80% of the time, when the narcissistic editor of the local Pravda Izvestia isn't patting himself on the back because someone he may have been allowed to get coffee for died somewhere, it's beat the crap out of Madore/Mielke/Benton day.

It's like trying to read the hatred of the C3G2 hate group.  It's the same thing, every day: fringe-leftist haters feeding on the by-product of their existence, whipped up by the Klan-like mentality of a fringe-left editor, being led like sheep to the political slaughter.

Too stupid to understand how someone who drinks hair coloring by the gallon can led them like cattle to the butcher shop.

And who else of our acquaintance , has recently been outed for the same kind of thing?

That's right: the delusional Lying Lefty Rachel Dolezal of white girl ≠ black girl fame.

The irony of all of this is that Lying Lefty already knows it.

Here's the first tell:
If you're one of the 500 to 700 or so who read my meager effort on a daily basis, you're already well aware of the fact that in the entirety of Lying Lefty's tenure... his painful, divisive, left-wing mouth piece lying tenure... Lying Lefty has NEVER treated the pols of the left the same way he does those to the right of Mao.

His hatred of those opposed to his agenda (unless they wear a skirt)... rather unfettered like a playground bully... uncontrolled by his keeper, Scott Campbell... is part and parcel of why the rag struggles so much.

He has singled out some of those on his Enemies List:  Certainly Don Benton, who this scumbag has made his own personal project for over a decade, including endorsing someone else for election based on the fact that he was NOT Don Benton in the 2000 election cycle... and being brazen enough to ADMIT as much in print... (And Lying Lefty whines about why some in the GOP smart enough to tell the democratian to fuck off when it comes to editorial boards) 
“...although sincere and well-intentioned, (Peterson) lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton. And on that admittedly flimsy basis, we endorse Peterson.”
As well as Tom Mielke and Lying Lefty has CERTAINLY been psychotic in his hatred of David Madore and Brent Boger... who he was gearing up to beat up like he'd tried to beat me up... until even the left had enough of Lying Lefty's bullshit and started slapping him around like a rented illegal alien... and Peter Van Nortwick was also singled out for Special Treatment that would have made Heinrich Himmler applaud in print.

Lying Lefty acts this way because he knows there's nothing anyone can do about it.  He's the punk... the senior citizen, brain drenched in "Just For Men" hair-coloring slimeball who can pretty much do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to, while most cower in fear of that scumbag.

Which brings us to the second tell... the obvious tell, where once again, Lying Lefty repeats the lie, thus:
In other words, I am an equal opportunity head-banger.
Folks... if he WERE such a creature... he wouldn't have to tell you.  You'd already know it.

He is a liar.  Plain and simple.

When there is a vacant seat up, there's a huge certainty that no matter who is running, he'll support the leftist.

He points to a single race... one time... as if that was the gold standard and all of the OTHER elections... when EVERY open seat had a democrat endorsement from Lying Lefty, didn't exist.
In every open seat where The Columbian provided an endorsement... in any seat where there wasn't an incumbent, this paper endorsed a democrat. (2008)


Check it out.
The folowing are the endorsements made by the Columbian, minus incumbents.

President: Democrat Barack Obama

State treasurer: Democrat Jim McIntire

17th Legislative District Representative: Democrat Tim Probst

49th Legislative District State representative: Democrat Jim Jacks

Clark County commissioner: District 1: Democrat Pam Brokaw
Number of democrat incumbents this newspaper endorsed AGAINST: ZERO

Number of Republican incumbents this newspaper endorsed against: ONE

They endorsed David Carrier (Who didn't even LIVE in the 17th District) against one of the most heavily, bi-partisan-endorsed and experienced state senators in SW Washington, Don Benton.

So, on one hand, we have the editor of the editorial page telling us that party had nothing to do with it, and on the other hand, this same paper ONLY ENDORSED DEMOCRATS FOR OPEN SEATS, AND ONLY ADVOCATED THE REMOVAL OF A REPUBLICAN... AND NOT ONE DEMOCRAT.
There's much more history that puts the lie to much of what Lying Lefty babbles, but you get the gist of it.

He protests WAYYYYYY too much when it comes to making an effort to convince people that he's even handed when the facts prove otherwise.

Here's the thing: I don't care if Lying Lefty takes a position on anything.

Where he's been a divisive, abysmal failure with his pathological hatred of the right is his two-fold failure to first, admit it... and second, treat everyone the same.

That's his cowardice, you see.  By falsely portraying himself as even-handed, he wants to give it more power when he's whipping anyone to the right of Lenin in ways that no democrat ever has to worry about... even the drunk state representatives who assault female staffers get the kid-glove treatment.

Right Jack?

And the irony in all of this is simple and clear: if what this scummy worm were saying was close to true...

... He wouldn't have to say it at all.

But what he's doing here is quite simply setting up his crushing attacks and his already picked endorsements so that when he hammers on the Republican candidates he hates (Likely Benton, Madore, Mielke and to a little bet lesser extent, Stewart) he'll want the sheeple to actually believe that it's because it's what he thinks is best... and not because he's a pathological liar who hates with a passion those smart enough to oppose his agenda.

So when this scumbag likely endorses Boldt... even though Boldt has sold his political soul and aligned himself with the heretofore, opposed-to-everything-Boldt-stands-for fringe left (Wonder how they got past Boldt's formerly militant pro-life stance.  Oh, well, I guess that's just one of those "flexible" positions of Boldt) it's NOT going to be because Boldt was a rabid pro-CRC Scammer who hates the very idea of letting the people make their own decisions on issues like this... it's because Dalesandro is well meaning but lacks experience... and everyone else running is a Republican and we need "balance" running the board.

Or some such garbage.

When in reality, it's because Boldt has sold out the GOP and because he did almost everything he could to rabidly support Lying Lefty's agenda... people be damned.

Just like the hate-based charter was "best."  Just like the theft and corruption of the CRC Scam that he so rapidly supports and so rabidly hates Madore, Mielke and Benton for helping to kill was "best."

Who gives a rat's ass what the people want on the issues?  In Lying Lefty's world, it's what HE wants that matters.

I expect that Lying Lefty will endorse Boldt and the guy who runs the C3G2 Hate Group, fringe-leftist Chuck Green.

They're known quantities when it comes to Lying Lefty's agenda... they'll carry his water like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion... and they'll kiss his ass every hour on the hour to get his support, considering how little they'll have of it from anyone else. 

Because those who kiss his ring?

He will publicly kiss their ass.

And when Lying Lefty Lou tells you he's " equal opportunity head-banger," that's precisely and actually as true as Rachel Dolezal telling you she's black.


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