Friday, June 19, 2015

UPDATES: Known for out-democrating local democrats, Boldt gets the Young Fringe Left Nutter endorsement.

Pretty sure these same idols endorsed sheriff candidate Shane Gardner over Sheriff Atkins as well... and did that work for him... or what?

As sad and pathetic as Mike Dalesandro actually is, however, it's not surprising that they'd blow Mike off and waste their endorsement on fellow democrat Marc Boldt.

No pandering or surprise here that Marc comes off even further to the left than fringer Dalesandro.

For me, what was most bizarre was the "reasoning" the Young Idiot's endorsed this GOP PCO, while claiming he is an independent.
Given their similarity in matters of policy, our members expressed the desire to support the candidate who had the experience and skills necessary to lead what will likely be a sharply divided council next year. In the end, we decided that Mr. Boldt’s independence and open-mindedness, as well as his past experience as a county commissioner, made him the right choice for the job. Furthermore, we were impressed with his vision for engaging youth in Clark County government. Going beyond the abstract affirmations of the importance of young people generally expressed by candidates, he laid out a plan for revitalizing the Clark County Youth Commission and for including the perspective of young people in a wide range of county departments and programs. This is a level of concern for the perspectives of young people we rarely see in candidates for any office.

I appreciate the fact that the Young Idiots see the same things in Marc that I do, save for his "Independence."

Self-delusion is the hallmark of the leftist, or else they wouldn't BE "leftists."

And to say this about someone who ran on and espoused GOP ideals such as smaller government, lower taxes and militantly pro-life for EIGHTEEN YEARS who is ALSO a Republican PCO, claiming that he has "independence" is yet another sign of what a group of morons these Young Idiots really are.

They've managed to confuse "independence" with "petulance" over getting kicked out of the local GOP for voting like Harry Reid and then losing to the equally militantly anti-CRC Scam David Madore.while they just ignore the fact that he filed as a "conservative Republican," and is STILL showing as a Republican on his PDC's
YDCC’s bylaws prevent us from endorsing Republicans. We determined candidates’ party affiliations – or lack thereof – by reviewing the official candidate listings on the Clark County Elections website.
And ignoring the inconvenient truths of his history, his pro-life/anti-abortion history and his current status as a GOP PCO who happened to file as an "R" on the PDC's.

In short, they limited their search to finding a way to make it happen... and they did... all other evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

Look, I get why Boldt is going along with this.  He'd due almost anything to get help from SOMEBODY... so who else is there?

It's the kind of thing that happens when principles and facts take a far distant second to the idea of selling one's soul to get elected.

Boldt, best known for his leftist CRC scam support (and also, perhaps for being my brother-in-law) and his ultimately illegal vote to pay his wife's former employer with county funds so she could get paid, has been kicked out of the local GOP for ignoring the people and voting like the democrats were paying him.

The Young Idiots, knowing that Dalesandro has zero chance, believed they'd get some free major publicity from the daily local leftist press organ, and so they did.  Boldt, who has practically no money, needs all the help he can get and the Democratian, still indebted to Boldt for his bizarre, unfathomable  and unsupportable position on the CRC/Loot Rail scam, will be happy to comply... since they would set themselves on fire before they'd accept a Madore or Mielke victory.

And, their backhanded acknowledgement of what I've been saying all along, that Boldt, in reality, had become a democrat in everything but name only:
Given their similarity in matters of policy, our members expressed the desire to support the candidate who had the experience and skills necessary to lead what will likely be a sharply divided council next year. 
"Similarity" indeed.

This outcome should have surprised no one

And Marc, in case you think I'm "hiding behind my computer," you know who, and where I am, and you know how to find me.

Unfortunately for Marc, this amounts to yet another reason to vote for someone not named Boldt.

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