Saturday, May 23, 2015

When your daily paper's hate jihad stems from an overgrown adolescent.

It's just a shame that Lefty Lou Brancaccio is let out without a keeper.

It's an even bigger shame that Scott Campbell hasn't fired many of the scum he's hired.

If an early death were the goal for Lefty, I believe he'll achieve that.

In my experience, the kind of psychotic hatred that drives him typically takes years off your life.

Hatred is a cancer.  It has metastasized throughout every cell of Lefty's body.

If you publicly push back against the left, that puts you into Lefty's cross hairs.

The list of those Lefty has slithered out to use his rag to attack is long and distinguished.

But reviewing that list quickly shows that oddly, no leftists are on it.

I'm on it.  God knows Madore, Mielke, and back when he was to the right of Mao, Marc Boldt was on it.  Brent Boger was on it, though God alone knows why.  Peter VanNortwick is on it.

Don Benton was the first name on the list, along with Boldt.

But no one from the political left.

All the years it's been our misfortune to have had the slime we've had running the democratian since I got here after leaving the military back in 87 or so. we've been cursed with two slimy individuals running the rag's show:  Tommy "The K" Koenninger and now, the total scumbag running the show, Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Hatred inculcates anything this clown does.  And what he doesn't realize is that his obvious hatred and bias against anyone to his political right who pushes back against his agenda automatically discredits anything he has to write... because those watching know that when hatred drives your agenda... when hatred is your motive... truth is the first casualty.

I didn't read the garbage Lefty troweled out today.  The scumbag always sees himself as being the smartest guy in the room... and when you combine that with his well stated hatred of all things Benton... what's the point?

Lefty doesn't know anything about Mary Benton.  I do.

While I'm completely staying out of the 2nd District issue since it doesn't involve me, the fact is that if she manages to get elected, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

On the other hand, I would certainly enjoy being in the room on election night if Benton wins so I can watch Lefty's pin head explode.

Yes indeed... what's in a name?

In the case of Lefty Lou, it's the very worst of yellow journalism.  Of lies, exaggerations and efforts to whip up leftist lynch mobs.

As our local version of Goebbels, it's not terribly surprising he appeals to the pure Nazi mentality... the political bigotry and hatred of his hero's day.  And it's not surprising that those with such a mentality... such as the C3G2 haters... respond to it.

One day, we'll be rid of both that slimeball and the rag he works for.  Then, perhaps, someone else will get a chance and we'll actually have an unbiased, unvarnished news source that doesn't lie about it's bias.

Like Brancaccio has lied about his for so long.

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