Saturday, May 23, 2015

Leave it to the hypocrites at the democratian: Candidate turnout key.

Whining about a lack of competition in the upcoming election, the moron who wrote today's editorial idiocy on the upcoming election finds himself embroiled in the all-too-typical democratian hypocrisy.
Of the 80 races that drew a candidate in Clark County, 59 will be uncontested. Three of those are for various Cemetery District positions; eight of them are in various fire protection or fire and rescue positions. And it is reasonable to question why some races — particularly for cemetery districts — remain elected positions.
Anybody who chooses to run for public office is deserving of gratitude and admiration. It is a time-consuming and often thankless endeavor, and it requires a great deal of personal sacrifice. But while kudos go to those who have decided to run this year, it must be noted that democracy is better served when more candidates enter the fray. Candidate turnout — not just voter turnout — is a valid measurement of the strength of our political system.
"But while kudos go to those who have decided to run this year, it must be noted that democracy is better served when more candidates enter the fray. "

Said the clown not running for anything.

And that's just another sad chapter in the democratian's hypocrisy level.

They do a great job of holding coats while they seek out and enjoy B&O taxbreaks.

They waggle their fingers at the rest of us for not stepping up for any of these positions as if every one of us can magically wave a wand and overcome all the obstacles against running that confront us all:

Live in the wrong place.  No knowledge about the office... and the difficulty in getting the knowledge.

All of that, however, is neither here nor there.

Whoever wrote this pap didn't break a sweat during filing week, either.

And who could POSSIBLY want to run when, if you disagree with out local daily neo-communst mouth piece, they will rape and pillar your reputation and destroy you... not because you break the rules... but because you break them on the wrong side of the issue.

Recently, however, the rag has decided to go after the Port Commissioners who approved the hated oil terminal deal.

Do you think we'd be reading any of this if the commissioners had gone the OTHER way on the oil terminal?

If they had done the EXACT same thing and voted differently?

Of course not.  Lefty Lou has his agenda which is completely separate from that of the people, and if you knock over a bank as long as it's for the right reasons, he'll let you slide.

It's what that rank hypocrite does.

Meanwhile, there's no demands for investigations or resignations for the lying scum who wasted $200 million on the CRC Scam.

Nothing about the criminals on the CTran Board.

Nothing about the massive waste of taxpayer dollars on downtown waterfront development.

There's all KINDS of crap going on out there.  And what does the rag fixate on?

The issue that conflicts with Lefty's agenda.

If that slimeball came out and told us that the commissioners were all guilty of axe murder, I'd call him a liar.

This is the same kind of lynching that scumball tried against David Madore/Tom Mielke.

They're still in office, if memory serves.

So, here's the thing; whoever wrote that crap: you don't like the number of unopposed elections?

Then go out there and oppose one.  But shut the hell up when you're just as guilty has the rest of us for sitting it out.

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