Monday, May 18, 2015

Things look bleak for Marc Boldt.

(FULL DISCLOSURE:  I freely admit that I am totally opposed to Marc Boldt's election this time, just as I was last time, since he's completely sold out to the left; forgotten/ignored GOP principles, supports the CRC scam in it's entirety and wants to hang tolls around our neck for the next several decades that will destroy a great deal of small business in Clark County as a result.

NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.)   

Serious candidates set up an organization for their campaign BEFORE they announce.

Serious candidates.

So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this on Marc Boldt's Facebook page:

(Full disclosure 2: Judy Chipman is my mother-in-law and, of course, Marc's as well.)

Six hours later... zero response.

Here's the thing: Marc announced via press release a month and a half ago.  There's only around 10 or 11 weeks from today until the primary.

Folks, anyone reading this who might be an aspiring politico, please, please, please learn from this.

This is NOT the way to run an airline or a campaign.

This is the kind of thing that should have been done in February or earlier.

Now, of course, the word is out that Marc's political position is hopeless or worse.  Craig Pridemore dumped him for a fellow leftist:
I'll vouch for him, Joyce. I like Mrc[sic] Boldt, too, but Mike[Dalesandro] is fresh and not part of the old fights. I believe he'll bring a fresh and nonpartisan message to Clark County.
While Pridemore is dead wrong about Dalesandro and anything remotely approaching "non-partisanship" that's not the point:  the point is that, having used Marc, the left is now going to ditch him in favor of the genuine article.

I wish him luck.  But few will want to waste their time on an obviously losing campaign, sadly.

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