Saturday, May 09, 2015

The political cluelessness of the moron running the democratian never ceases to amaze: the county chair race.

As expected, the dems are not likely to run anyone.  I laid it out; explained it all 3 weeks ago and Lefty Lou, who hasn't had an original thought in that mush brain of his for decades (If at all) immediately plagiarized a great deal of it.

The stupidity of today's column, sent to me by an acquaintance, is difficult to fully quantify.

Marc Boldt cannot win county wide.  Nothing that cost him the election last time has changed a wit. That the hatred in the 49th pushed the charter over the top (Interesting, isn't it, that Lefty hasn't put up the precinct map on the charter... you know, to show everyone where the win happened?) is meaningless when compared to the outcome in the Pridemore-Stewart race.

After all, didn't Lefty engage in this same kind of character assassination in that county-wide race in his effort to get Pridemore elected?

What Lefty doesn't get is that with the anchor of his past record hanging around his neck combined with Boldt's militant pro-life stances, there's no way the democrats will support him.

Further, like Pridemore, the more Lefty pushes Boldt, the fewer votes he'll get.

This is an off-year election.  As a rule, democrats have a very hard time turning out their vote.

Most people who do vote do so based on what they read in the voter pamphlet, and while Greg Kimsey has turned that into an essentially worthless document with his charter-lie campaign, the fact remains that most democrats will not vote for an R.

They didn't last time and they won't this time.  And the reason is obvious: with the help of leftist scum who insist on portraying Marc as an idiot,
"Boldt isn't always on the right side of issues. And he won't be up for a Rhodes Scholarship anytime soon."
Lefty doesn't understand the dynamic of the Charter vote.  If his premise now was correct, it would be councilor Pridemore.

Marc cannot win.  And deep down inside, in spite of what he may say, he knows it.  The people are not interested in another CRC/light rail cheerleader who ignores us, who lies to us, and everything that goes with it.

Meanwhile, Parker is gearing up to run against Benton, rumor has it.

That will likely lead to yet another defeat for the arrogant liar who shilled the CRC so long and so hard with any lie available.

Meanwhile, Lefty's efforts to get Boldt elected will be Boldt's biggest problem, next to Boldt's rabid support of the hated CRC.  And that's something he can't get away from.

Meanwhile, the people don't hate Madore nearly as much as Lefty would like to think.

Boldt still claims to be a "conservative Republican."  At this point, I'm thinking he would claim he was a Martian if it would get him elected.

And I've got to tell you Marc... as you know... I'm watching very carefully... and you have 7 pages why.

Meanwhile, Lefty needs to know the difference between reality and wishful thinking.  Because with today's tripe, it's pretty clear he doesn't have a clue.

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