Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Leftist hypocrisy and Hillary Clinton

Imagine, if you will, what kind of a crap storm would be out there if Hillary had an "R" after her name.

Remember all the garbage they heaped on Mitt?

Hillary obviously lies about trying to do anything for the middle class, lies about her own finances, lies about her law-violating email scam, lies about who's paying her or Billy and how much and for what.... lies on her foundation's returns over millions of dollars... and the cute little fringe-left whack jobs that follow her and support her like the clueless morons they are.

Yes... imagine what we'd be looking at if Hillary had an "R" after her name.

And this is the best the left can do?  THIS is who they want for President... or a fake native American like Elizabeth Warren?

Don't they have ANYONE that isn't a liar, a con man or woman, an opportunist, or a hypocrite, like Hillary?

And why is it OK for their leading candidate to be such a scumbag that is she'd been a GOP'er, they'd be rioting in the streets?

Gotta wonder.

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