Sunday, May 24, 2015

Democratian blows it again: Poor Editorial Report.

Apparently, the leftists at the daily democrat have forgotten altogether exactly who gets represented in "representative government."

Here's a clue: fortunately, it ain't the newspaper.

It won't be the first time; after all, the rag never gives a damn about representational government or "will of the people" whenever the risk is ran that the outcomes will run counter to their agenda.

"Stop sniping at teachers?"

WEA lackies have earned our scorn.  "Sniping" is the least those arrogant putzes should receive for their greed and incompetence.

However long it takes legislators to get to an agreement is however long it takes.

There's no hurry, and I, for one, would much rather see a leisurely stroll towards achieving the best deal than watch a sprint to a bad one.

You know... like the unnamed clown who wrote today's garbage heap?

The Transportation package is a political disaster: I will never vote for any Republican who through their teacher-like arrogance believe they we can be scammed into cheerfully having a huge gas tax increase rammed down our throats under cover of the non-existent threat of an Inslee Carbon Tax.

They will lose control of the Senate in November next year, and they'll have this one, stupid scam to point to as the proximate cause.

The general fund budget is something the leftist scum infesting us insist on expanding every session.

We've seen zero cuts in the overall size of the budget at any time since I started working in the Legislature some 20 years ago.

Every year, it gets bigger and bigger.  To what end?

The rag is attempting to foment some sort of fear... some terror of a second special session.

Were it up to me, I'd keep the Legislature in pro-forma session year-round.

In short, the longer this takes, the better it is for those of us who actually earn the money that pays for it. And I'm fine with that.

I've got no problem with the shutdown of many (Most?) state services.  A large number of them aren't noticeable when they're running and sadly, won't be noticeable when they're not.

The rag, of course, is pressuring the Leg (Pronounced "ledge" by aficionados...) to cave on every leftist demand for sticking it to the taxpayers save for increasing their own B&O tax which, oddly, we've never seen and never will see.

With the rag, as with every fringe-left organization, it's always about squeezing us for more money. They babble about a 5% tax as if that's the final number instead of just the start... a number that will creep upwards as the leftists keep finding ways to waste our money.

I have no problem whatsoever holding up my position on these issues: the leftist slimeball, whoever it is, who wrote this garbage has no problem holding up his.  Ultimately missing from his screed, however, is any reason whatsoever for the GOP to cave, for a new tax to be implemented, or for any upset of an additional special session, save for democratian fear mongering.

To her credit, Sen. Ann Rivers, who risks political implosion over her bizarre and inexplicable efforts on an unneeded and unwanted gas tax scam, questions the idea that teachers can break the law by walking out on their students and holding their education hostage for teacher-pay extortion.

Teachers, of course, break the law when they go on strike.  That can be ended in a variety of ways, such as the permanent firing and revocation of any teacher's credentials bent on taking the day off to watch Maury or whatever; any or all teachers can be replaced and the fact that no one actually talks about these things is part and parcel of why these clowns keep screwing us... as students, as parents and as taxpayers.

The BEST "governance" is that "governance" that "governs least."  But secondary to that is an understanding on the part of our legislators that we have only delegated our political authority to them, not abrogated it.

They do not replace us in the political equation, they are there to implement our view and act on it.

No fake games by the Lieutenant Governor on tax increases... no silence by the Senate GOP on those games... and no imposition of multi-billion dollar tax increases without asking.

Meanwhile, I urge the delegation to ignore the incessant whining... where there is no such thing as "enough" when it comes to taxes.

Do what you can to slow the growth of the democratian/teacher-preferred neo-communism creeping... ever-creeping... around us and infesting us.

THAT is your charge.  THAT is what you're there for.

And remember that the democratian agenda represents nothing and, in the over all scheme of things, means nothing.

The People mean everything in this equation.  And that charter member of the downtown mafia ain't that.

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