Sunday, May 24, 2015

As expected, the education town hall meetings were a waste of time:

Here was my take of a few days ago:
But the teachers will invade the meeting and make sure that they threaten and cajole Rivers and Vick... not that there's anything Vick can or will do about any of it... and the teachers will do what they always do: make demands, whine, snivel and, lets be honest about it... they will lie their ass off about how much they make, how bad they've got it... and continue to run the utterly false narrative that because the Supreme Court has made a huge attempt to rip away a chunk of legislative authority by holding up a mythical hoop, legislators are required to jump through it like this is the USSR Soviet instead of a co-equal branch of government... even though that's simply untrue.

So, since the teachers are going to dominate these meetings, there's really no point in going to them.

Nothing the legislators can say will change any teacher's mind since it's all about more cash in the teacher's pockets, and nothing the teachers can say will make any difference to the legislators who first, have already made up their minds and second, won't make any difference in Lumpy's case anyway because he's got the throw weight of a Frisbee and is buried as a wallflower in the minority.
That's exactly what happened, of course: a blind man could see it coming in a minute.

Bitching, whining, moaning and complaining.  These prima donnas somehow are arrogant enough and egotistical enough to stupidly believe that THEIR voices should somehow be louder than ours.... those of us who actually pay the fricking bills.

It led to rank idiocy like this whining moron:
Jennifer Ireland, a special education teacher with the Camas School District, told the legislators she needs a cost-of-living increase.
"When I have to stop putting money in my own child's college savings account to put gas in my car, I don't get paid enough," Ireland said. "My sister has less education and makes three times more than I do and works less hours. I could go to the private sector and make a lot more, but ... I've been a teacher since I was born. I'm a second generation teacher. That's where my heart is."
Over the last two years, however, Ireland has seriously considered switching careers, she said.
Ireland said she also takes issue with standardized testing, which she calls "garbage." She loses about six weeks of teaching time to the tests, and they are not user-friendly, she said.
After the meeting, Ireland said she hopes the legislators "heard our voices."
"I'm hoping they take this seriously. If not, the next step is a walk out in September. I really don't want it to come to that," she said.
Quit, Ms. Ireland.

I am MONUMENTALLY SICK of your incessant whining and sniveling... and lying.  That you can't manage your money simply isn't our problem.

As of LAST year, you made AT LEAST $72,349 dollars in pay, bonuses and insurance benefits for your 183-day, part-time job.

And we're supposed to feel SORRY for your greedy ass?

 Quit.  And take every damned one of those lying, sniveling punks with you.

Because here's a clue, Ireland: You lie when you threaten to change jobs because no one would hire you at anything close to what you're making now, PLUS, you would actually have to WORK 250 days a year like the rest of us to EARN whatever chump change you would make.

MY legislators had better ignore you and those like you.  Because as "bad" as you stupidly think you've got it, hundreds of thousands in this county have it much, much worse.

McCleary, of course, is meaningless and the legislature will make a HORRIFIC mistake if they don't ignore it.

But this sniveling, crying, bitching and moaning sounds like a bunch of punk 3 year olds complaining that they ran out of ice cream at the day care.

And as those reading this ponder the issue, here's a chart from OSPI that helps put it all in perspective:

Teachers in this state as a whole, are doing essentially a miserable job.

The idea that they should be paid MORE for doing substandard work is insane.

So, by all means, Ms. Ireland: do us a favor:  When you abandon your children or hold them hostage so YOU can extort MORE money from us... don't come back.

You won't be missed and you can be replaced.  Don't EVEN think that Jennifer Ireland is irreplaceable.

Because *I*, for one, am willing to risk it.

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