Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Why the commissioners should quit screwing around and implement their labor policy.... or drop it altogether.

One of the more interesting aspects of watching these commissioners is this fascinating habit they have of holding themselves up like a pinata and beating themselves senseless with their own plans... just to finally implement them.

I support both ideas (Right to work for county staff and transparency in negotiations).  I don't care what the labor wienies have to say about it: it isn't up to them and it is up to those elected.

Anything else is completely irrelevant, particularly the union scum infesting these meetings that aren't from here, don't live here and have no say here.

They are wasting OUR time.  And in this case, so are the commissioners.

Look: either hold the vote and make it happen or announce it's off the table.

There is, no doubt, other business to attend to and this is keeping that from happening while providing these fringe-leftist nuts with a platform to beat the hell out of us... the taxpayers... while you, effectively dither.

Meanwhile, some of THE most divisive scum in the community, such as Ed Barnes, babble about "dividing the community" when the fact remains that you have it within your power to act... and... as always... if these slime don't like it, then they can exercise that fantastic charter they lied into being to get rid of it.

That scum like Barnes don't like it is, to me, a major reason to go forward with it.


This is just bad politics.  The union scum win on this and you look like idiots.

Or the people win on this and once again, you look like heroes.


Paraphrasing here: poop or get off the pot.

Anything else plays directly into their hands.

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