Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Another puncture in the GOP Senate's gas tax lie: "We have to do this to keep Inslee from executive ordering a massive carbon tax."

That he, of course, cannot do.  (Note: this pic is less than a day old)

According to 17th District Representative Lynda Wilson, Governor Inslee said this:
"He (Inslee) was very clear that he doesn't have the votes in his own party for cap and trade."
Of course he doesn't.  Democrats are not interested in committing political suicide, even if Inslee HAD the authority to unilaterally enact fee or tax increases... which he doesn't.

All of which begs the issue:

Where is THIS nonsense coming from?
As for the citizens attending the three meetings, there were some who came “loaded for bear” in my opinion. But after hearing Senator Rivers discuss the multifaceted issues, and share the “reforms” they started, the stopping of Governor Inslee’s unilateral imposition of a cap & trade system and low carbon fuels standard, and bringing home $200 million in very needed transportation projects for SW WA, the citizens not only accepted her explanation, but appreciated her honesty and her taking the hard vote.
Exclusive of the fact that, for example, we don't need to waste $80 million+ on the Mill Plain/I-5 intersection (Thus blowing a hole in the "badly needed" meme)  the fact is that what we're talking about here is somewhat less than 2% of the entire package.

The fourth largest (By population) county in the state... and we get a whole 2% out of FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS.

Had those attending this meeting known the truth, I hardly think they would have "appreciated her honesty and her taking the hard vote..."  They didn't, of course, because for whatever the reason, it appears they weren't told the truth.

I have asked, begged and even pleaded to get anyone... anywhere... to show me where Inslee or any other governor in this state has the Constitutional or statute authority to do what Inslee claims he has zero democrat support TO do:  unilaterally implement a tax/fee on gasoline merely because HE says so.

To date..... cricket chirps.

This isn't the Soviet Union.  His name is NOT Stalin or Lenin or even Putin.

And if Inslee, in fact, DID have the ability to do what so many are claiming to provide cover to the GOP for their stratospheric gas tax hike...

... then why would he care if he had "...the votes in his own party for cap and trade?"

Why would he NEED votes if he can, as we've been repeatedly lied to, engage in extralegislative activity on a whim and do an imitation of Ramses in the Ten Commandments: "So let it be written.... so let it be done?"

I admit I only spent 6 years.... actually, 6 sessions... on legislative staff.  But I keep asking for an example of ANY governor throughout the entirety of this state's history who has engaged in Obama-lite and simply edicted this kind of thing into being.

Again.... cricket chirps.

Why the allegedly GOP Senate is doing this to us is a mystery to me.  That they ARE doing this to us is absolutely undeniable.

And if they're Republican... then once again I'm ashamed to have ever called myself one.

I will never support anyone in office who goes along with this, nor support any candidate who agrees with this action.

There's zero point in having fake democrats or "sometimes" Republicans holding office when we can just bypass them and get the real thing.

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