Thursday, April 02, 2015

The insanity of the so-called "agreement" with Iran.

There is, in fact, only one ultimate outcome acceptable for these talks, and that is the complete dismantlement and cessation of the Iranian nuclear program.


Leftists demand an alternative to this agreement.

The alternative is obvious and simple.

Using air power to begin with, we give Iran the choice of taking 2 weeks or so to completely dismantle their program and turn over all of their nuclear material and equipment to the United States, or we will systematically begin to destroy them as a functioning, viable, state.

Yes, that sucks.  Yes, people... many people... will get killed.  Yes, it's an act of war, but these scum have killed and wounded 10's of thousands of us, so if they are not concerned about acts of war, why should we be in return?

It was just a few days ago those scum were calling for our destruction.  That, of course, is their privilege.  Just like, as a result, it is our privilege to destroy them based on the threat alone.

These scum would cheerfully sacrifice their country to destroy ours.  Why on earth should we give them the opportunity?

We, as a nation, caved on every single item that would make any difference.  In return... they won't change a thing.

Why should they?

They get that Obama is a coward.  They get that their bluster is quite enough to shim in a wall locker like he must have been so many times as an abused child.

When you're dealing with a coward, "negotiations" simply become a discussion  between the Iranian wolf and the American sheep over the dinner menu.

Those scum have us all figured out.  And we play to form when we're run by cowards.

"Death to America," they chant.

Well, I've had enough.  And it's time to make them pay.

Since you asked, Mr. President.

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