Thursday, April 02, 2015

Mike Pond Scum running for Position 2, county council?


Who did this moron work for in the last cycle?

Mussolini Mikey Briggs and Maureen "Bully" Loserham.

And how did those campaigns work out?

Briggs earned the lowest vote in all of Clark County at a paltry 36%, thus earning the sobriquet "Mr. 36%".

Loserham barely exceeded 40%.

Plus, he was that simple idiot who went around wasting his money on "endorsed by David Madore" signs on all the winning GOP candidates... as if that would make any difference.

Every one he put up was on a sign where the demo lost... almost all, badly.

Gee.  Maybe he can write his fellow fringe-leftist school (And Western is hardly a bastion of common sense or independent thought)  and perhaps get a refund?

But it's going to be entertaining to watch two political neophytes beat the hell out of each other... only to lose in the general election.

Tsk, tsk.  They'll both get run over by a bridge and a loot rail train car they so rabidly support... and the people so rabidly hate... thanks in part to Annette Cleveland, who keeps bring it back to life.

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