Monday, March 30, 2015

The bigoted hypocrisy of Apple's Tim Cook: upset with Indiana for the Religious Freedom Law, but OK doing business with countries that execute gays.

I've never liked Apple products: never used them, never want to.  I've just never been thrilled with paying 3 times more than a non-Apple product to accomplish, essentially, the same thing.  It seems to me to be more of a cult thing than a technology thing, but what ev.

So, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a variation of the bill into law that Obama voted for as a state senator and Bill Clinton signed into law back in 93.  Also, 19 other states have some version of the law to provide at least some level of defense from homosexual bigots who demand super rights because of what they have sex with.

Naturally, the gay CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, wasn't having any of that.

Of course, that's his privilege.  Equally, of course, except for whining, sniveling and bitching like a cut cat, he isn't DOING anything about it... except... to continue to do business with countries that EXECUTE gays.

I could be wrong (It happens, occasionally) but it seems to me that if Mr. Cook is so upset at the treatment of his fellow homosexuals at the hands of the government of Indiana, he might also be at LEAST as upset with governments like Qatar and Saudi Arabia (I saw 3 homosexuals executed there, myself)Nigeria and Uganda.

In fact, he might want to impose a boycott on countries that KILL gays if this minor annoyance to the gay agenda upsets him so damned much.

Screw Apple.  Screw the hypocrites running the company.

The Gateway Pundit has the skinny:

Apple CEO Tim Cook attacked Indiana this weekend for passing a religious freedom bill.
Cook said, “There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.”

Cook may believe Indiana’s new law is very dangerous towards gays…

But it’s not as dangerous as the several countries Apple does business with where they execute gays.

Four of the ten countries where they kill gays are on this Apple list:
– Uganda
– Nigeria
– Qatar
– Saudi Arabia
If Tim Cook really wanted to help gays, he might want to focus on the Apple customers who execute them.

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