Monday, March 30, 2015

Political insanity: Marc Boldt announces for county chair... or whatever it's going to be called.

(FULL DISCLOSURE:  I freely admit that I am totally opposed to Marc Boldt's election since he's completely sold out to the left, forgotten/ignored GOP principles, supports the CRC scam in it's entirety and wants to hang tolls around our neck for the next several decades that will destroy a great deal of small business in Clark County as a result.

NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother in law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.)

Marc, what are you thinking?

You've run and won as a PCO in the GOP ever since they kicked you out... and to the best of my knowledge, never once bothered to show up to any GOP meeting or Lincoln Day Dinner.

You barely made it into the general election in 2012 by getting something like 30% of the vote in the primary that barely found you in the top two in the general... as a two-term incumbent!  That means, 70% of the people in YOUR commissioner district voted against you!

Your rabid support of the CRC Scam and your reliance on political low-life's such as Jim Mains to run your campaign... your quotes effectively laughing at the idea of people demanding a vote on the Bridge Scam... that's the kind of thing that resulted in a crushing defeat for you and tens of thousands of GOP-hating democrats refusing to vote for a so-called "conservative Republican."

There's no way you can walk away from that sort of thing.  None.  Holding democrat votes in this county will mean a democrat outcome.  Insisting you're a "conservative Republican" when the record screams "liberal democrat" while proclaiming your pro-life credentials muddies your message so much that I would literally be struck dumb if you even survived the primary. 

Look, I get that the local BIA is begging you to play pinata, and they may have promised you the moon plus two dollars to put yourself out there but they will no more deliver for you than the realtors delivered for you... and their money isn't everything... in fact, it's nothing.

ISSUES are the thing.  If they weren't, we'd have never heard of a charter and Joe Tanner would have slaughtered Tom Mielke... who he outspent something like 8 to 1.

And you are dead wrong on the same issues that caused your defeat last time.

Yeah, I know... your buddies will be troweling out the mud on Mielke, and beat him senseless on the Benton thing.

But that doesn't come close to your betrayal to the people of this county when you sold us out to the leftist scum who are doing their best to ram this CRC crap pile down our throats. 

Will the party be foolish enough to let you back in and support you against Tom Mielke?

Not if they have a brain in their head.

You are the author of the CTran taxing district.  You would have voted with Stuart to throw us under TriMet's bus on the ceding of eminent domain authority to an out of state, unelected and non-accountable board.

You'd be in Tim Leave-it's hip pocket  on the CTran Board... a leftist sock-puppet.

There are many more reasons to vote against you... as I will... than there are to vote for you.

"Conservative Republican" indeed.  My Cavalier Spaniels are more conservative.

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