Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Politically, I've stopped caring who's in charge.

It's come to this.

At the local level, the left, which is in charge of most everything of importance... everything that seems to matter, revels in ignoring the will of the people.

The local GOP views their hold on the party apparatus as a stepping stone to taking power in the state, and PaulBot involvement in that effort simply kills the deal for me.

The PCO from this precinct, Marc Boldt, hasn't bothered to attend a PCO/GOP function, I'm told, since he was elected as a result of the PaulBot take over... in August of 2012.  He also screwed us on the Charter, which his freeholder district overwhelmingly opposed, if memory serves.

In both the legislature and Congress, GOP control has been an essentially meaningless construct, where the GOP seems to be doing their best to out-democrat the democrats.

Because in the areas impacting my wallet and my country's security, I'm hard-pressed to see... or find... any difference between GOP control and democrat control.

Leftists locally are giddy because this idiotic gas tax scam keeps the CRC moving, albeit at a piecemeal rate; the GOP in the state senate having passed out a massive tax increase without putting a referendum clause on it AND after putting an emergency clause on this decidedly non-emergency... to make it that much harder for the people to rally to oppose it.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what the democrats do ALL THE TIME.

I'm hearing that Don Benton is working very closely with Annette Cleveland in this skullduggery and have seen some TVW video where that appears to be the case.

State Senate GOP leadership, specifically, Mark Schoesler, is utterly worthless and the results to date would tend to support that conclusion.  Instead of holding the destructive forces in the GOP senate accountable, they get chairmanships and efforts to placate them while they look for their next opportunity to screw their caucus and, perforce, us.

At the federal level, the president wipes his butt with the Constitution every hour on the hour, and the GOP asks him if he wants more Constitutional Charmin because most of them are cowards.

I used to care.  Now the question becomes: why even bother to vote?

I'd have much more time available to take care of my family and my business if I just stopped.

So, screw it.  Who cares?  They both lie... the only thing that seems to matter is the degree and the style.

Meanwhile, we get militarily weaker by the day with GOP acquiescence, we slide closer to bankruptcy every second with GOP acquiescence,  millions of illegal aliens will waste hundreds of billions of our dollars while they piss on our laws with the help of Obama... all with GOP acquiescence.

Man, I remember the heat I took from some local GOP'ers who were fixated on the label as some sort of cure-all.

I was wrongly told that there was nothing the House could do (which was an obvious and outright lie) until we took over the Senate.

I responded then as I do now: the labels are meaningless.  Further, there is a huge gulf between "can't" and "won't."

I was repeatedly assured by the Mainstreamer types that I was wrong, that everything would be different once the GOP took the Senate.

I replied then as now that a conclusion of that variety was dead, flat, wrong and that electing the GOP to control the senate... as giddy as that idea was, would make zero appreciable difference.

Years later, we haven't nailed anyone over Benghazi.  When are the IRS scum going to be perp-walked over their persecution of conservative groups and lies about the Lerner emails?  When is Congress going to defund Obama-phones, stop the bleeding in the military, cut spending, get rid of Obamacare?

Never.  And how can the people give a damn when our elected governments at all levels ignore their campaign promises and ignore our expressed will at the polls?

All I hear about is what the GOP CAN'T do.

Well, they're screwing us in perfectly avoidable ways when there are things they CAN do.

And once you determine that.... who gives a rip anymore?

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