Tuesday, March 03, 2015

GOP cowardice in the House: as expected, they caved on illegal aliens.

Lately, I've been beating the hell out of the GOP much more than the left: after all, the left is just being the Left... the GOP is SUPPOSED to be something else... something better... something different.

Nothing will get done... we'll be that much closer to the edge... but, by God, those tweo and the rest of the morons will sure be reelected, won't they?

The most recent example?  The House GOP has caved... again... to Obama on the illegal alien issue... again.

Yeah, to the Mainstreamers, it was oh, so important that we elect the GOP into these offices.  Everything was going to be different then, right?


NOTHING is going to be different.

We'll just go about getting screwed an entirely different ways.

But the end result will be the same: we're screwed.  And the GOP helped.

Boy did they talk a great game last year, or what?  And the RINO's kept telling us that the only thing that mattered was the label.  If it has an "R" after it's name we should just grit our teeth and vote for those wastes of skin because, well, after we take control, EVERYTHING will be different.



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