Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is it time for Israel to nuke Iran?

Is it time for the United States to destroy Iran as a viable entity?

The government of Iran is devoted to destroying, in no particular order, Israel and the United States.

Do we as a country wait until they launch an undeniable attack?

Iran killed and maimed thousands of US troops in Iraq with no particular response from us.
What makes anyone think they've changed their thirst for American blood?  (And yes, failing to punish Iran was huge mistake by Bush 2)

The Scumbag in Chief continues to have that clueless moron John (Did you know he served in Vietnam?) Kerry sell us... and Israel out.

At some point, there is no doubt that muslim terrorists will pop a nuke in the United States.

And the leading candidate... but by no means the only one... is Iran.

Instead of negotiating with the Iranians, who just a few days ago were chanting for our death, I believe it's time that they be destroyed in return for their slaughter of tens of thousands of others, their support of terrorism around the world and, of course, setting an example for the rest of the world.

Because here's the thing:  That empty-suited, fringe-left idiot in the White House makes Neville Chamberlain look like a rank amateur.
Is there any question that the equally slimy John Kerry or Susan Rice will be making the Sunday morning political shows to trumpet this great deal that the scumwad running the show doesn't want to let Congress look over (Another violation of the Constitution) when an "agreement" is reached that will continue to allow Iran to achieve nuclear weaponry.

Or, we can eliminate them as a threat.

Clearly, they are a threat to us.  Clearly, they are a threat to Israel.  Clearly, they are a threat to all nations in the region.

The question: do we punch them first?

Or allow them to punch us?

Does Israel punch them first?

Or do they wait for Iran to, effectively, destroy them?

I'm thinking that "after" is just a tiny bit too late.

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