Saturday, February 14, 2015

More idiocy from Lefty Lou.

I don't read Lefty; I freely admit it.

But I also rarely miss the opportunity to point out that Lou Brancaccio is, perhaps, THE biggest hypocrite and liar in the community.

Personally, I think the "Just For Men" hair coloring that he practically drinks because he's afraid people won't figure out that he's older than dirt... a vanity that dove tails nicely with his narcissistic arrogance... has impacted what's left of his brain.

Today, the world faces a variety of threats.  The US reels from a fellow narcissistic arrogant ass being the President.  The Russians have done what they frequently do, begin their latest "swallow up Europe" tour; the scumbag in chief is using the law and the Constitution as his own brand of toilet paper and illegal aliens are being magically legalized and encouraged to come here by those millions while those obeying and respecting our laws are made to feel like they're morons.

Just yesterday, this simple idiot took credit for the Kitzhaber resignation.

Of all the things the governor or the government of Oregon could care less about, you can bet that the democratian daily newsletter is at the top of their list.

Now, this little worm is, apparently, going after Mielke because Tom has committed the cardinal sin of wanting "In God We Trust" displayed in the commission room somewhere.

I'm completely ambivalent about the idea.

I have complete faith and trust in our Maker.  The slogan is a national slogan of the United States: it's on our currency, for example.  But I'm "Meh" about displaying it.

For whatever the reason, this was a difficult decision for the other two commissioners, and the motion died for lack of a second.  THAT I didn't like: the other two were obviously opposed but didn't want their names attached to a vote like that:  Saw that kind of thing all the time in the legislature.

But here's the memo for Lefty:  Save for serving up more slop for his fellow leftists, this serves no purpose, considering all of the issues of import confronting this county, this state and this country.

Lefty's partisan hatred has cost the owner of that despicable rag millions.  He led them into bankruptcy once, and he's been doing his best to take them there a second time.  And for whatever the reason, Scott keeps that moron in charge.

Meanwhile, the rag has become a punchline.  Utterly worthless as a source of unbiased news, a joke on the science of journalism, despised by most and ignored by the rest.

And the cause for that?

Look no farther than the liar running it.

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