Friday, February 13, 2015

Local democrat scum finally floats to the top on Kitzhaber: loser Craig Pridemore.

Hate is the primary ingredient in the political bent for most local leftists.

Hate keeps them from understanding their growing political irrelevance.

Part of that hate is expressed through the narcissistic arrogance of their local political scum.  Among those?

This guy:

It's not terribly surprising that yet another high profile loser democrat would engage in his partisan hatred that's so a-typical of the local left.

Nor is it surprising that a liar like Jim Mains would "like" such an observation.

But taking it a tiny step further: what... exactly... has Benton been charged with?


So, Pridemore snivels because Kitzhaber hasn't been charged with anything... but then engages in that rank double standard so endemic to the left by attacking somebody else who hasn't been charged with anything, either.

And it's not for lack of trying by scum like Pridemore.

They failed.  They failed because neither Benton nor Madore nor Mielke has broken any rule worthy of being forced out of office.

That morons on the left like Pridemore hate them is really the basis for this kind of sewage.

Not only is the Kitzhaber high-speed come-apart and Benton completely non-sequitur, that the left is reduced to any such comparison shows how out of touch they really are.

Meanwhile, Kitzhaber's resignation, the woman that drove it, the damage to Oregon, the obvious stupidity and illegality of this situation?

On that, there's no mention.  When their own fail in their integrity and their office.... why, it's no comment.

This kind of petty, narcissistic arrogance is precisely why of the 15 state legislators in this county, 12 of them are GOP... and all of the commissioners are the same.

And the tin ear of the left just gets bigger... and bigger... and bigger.

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