Friday, February 20, 2015

As we finally commit ground troops that I called for 9 months ago, their blood will be on Obama's hands.

ISIS has been playing open-field runner for the better part of a year now while the Moron-in-Chief has been sitting on his thumbs... or playing golf.

Meanwhile, all of the ground gained in Iraq and most of it in Afghanistan... has been lost by his incompetence and intransigence.

That JV team has done pretty well, hasn't it?

Every day that goes by increases ISIS's defensive capabilities.  They can reinforce defensive positions, dramatically increase the number and size of IED's and the like and have, no doubt, taken this time to further cement their presence in the region.

Meanwhile, this moron's declaration that there would be "no boots on the ground" even when *I* know boots were already there (And they're there now) was patently absurd.

In the interim, ISIS has taken $2 billion or so out of Iraqi banks, hundreds of millions of dollars in top line US military equipment the simple idiot in the White House gave them; guns, rockets, shells artillery, tens of millions of rounds of bullets... and Obama let it happen.

Last June, Vets in Congress were asking "What was the point?"

I managed to talk my son out of joining the Marine Corps back when he was 19 or so.

I told him that his risk of sacrifice (He wanted light weapons Infantry - 0311 as his MOS) had to matter.

He would have gone over there.  Some way or another, he would have come back.

But the ways available for him to come back... dead... wounded... possible crippled physically or emotionally?

Those ways would have had to matter.

Clearly, they did not.

We are going back there.  Obama has given ISIS precious months to prepare.  We are going to bleed to retake ground we've already taken.  And that blood is on his hands.

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