Thursday, January 15, 2015

What does Herrera do in response to local GOP censure motion? What she always does when confronted with her failures.

She sends a letter.

You see, I am surprised that she responded at all.  But the letter reads like the PCO's are completely ignorant and oblivious of the reality of her abysmal tenure.

It presumes facts not in evidence, sounds like boiler plate and has all the sincerity of the manikin she is.  And, of course, you can bet money that SHE didn't write it.

The problem Herrera has is that like Eric Cantor, she's in District about as frequently as Haley's Comet and even when she is here, she still lacks the guts to do what she should have done...would have done if she gave a damn... which is have the courage to confront the PCO's in person.

Instead, she sends a letter.  Because like Herrera herself, a letter doesn't have to listen.

Never the sharpest blade in the drawer, however; to actually come back here and have the guts to face her accusers would have put her in the awkward position of actually being forced to respond.  And once you get Herrera off teleprompter, she's not unlike Obama when he goes off the cuff: a mile wide... but an inch deep.  So what does she do?

Send them a letter.  And some of them... more than one... sent it to me.

Her letter shows a basic lack of understanding of her problems with the PCOs.  Her voting record, rated at 41% (Among the very lowest in the Caucus) by Conservative Review and, of course, a lack of courage that has marked her tenure from the beginning, says something rather different than the letter.

She quotes Congressman Raul Labrador in her defense.  Like most campaign pieces, the quotes are completely and utterly made up by the writer and approved by the Congressman/woman identified as making it.

In this case, I have PERSONALLY discussed Herrera with Congressman Labrador in his office in CdL, Idaho in late April of last year:

SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2014

Discussing our lack of representation in the House with Rep. Raul Labrador (ID1)

Spent some quality time with Congressman Raul Labrador, a genuine conservative representing Idaho's first district.

Actually, given our lack of competent representation, I asked him if he'd consider moving to SW Washington.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make the deal.

But he sure seemed surprised when I told him that our congresswoman didn't have Town Hall meetings.

"I love town hall meetings," he told me.  "I have them all the time!"

Any competent representative would.

A genuinely nice individual who actually seems to give a damn.  Thank you for your time, sir.
Among other things he told me at that time was that Herrera "was not the most conservative individual" he'd ever met.

And while he had opposed Boehner in the past, he did, in fact, vote for him this time.

If she's concerned about this... and I doubt it... she shouldn't have had someone write a campaign letter for her and sign it, a letter not aimed at addressing the issues and the "no confidence" vote by the PCO's but instead, a letter for public consumption as the Lazy C jumps to her defense.... you remember, like they jumped to Marc Boldt's defense... like they would jump to the defense of anyone who support(s) that CRC idiocy?

You see, those made up quotes in the letter are meaningless. It doesn't matter what those quoted think of her. What matters in this instance is what the PCO's think of her and that she's far too dense to see that goes to the heart of the issue.

She should get off her butt, get out here and meet with the PCO's, even if it takes all day, to answer their concerns. After all, she has no problem meeting with prescreened small groups in tightly controlled environments as long as they bring their checkbooks.

But when you're reduced to governance by press release and letter; when your job, to date, has been to make people think you're something you're not and your number one reason for being is to be re-elected, then this is the same worthless kind of effort we should expect from her.

The letter itself is an insult. This woman shouldn't be "censured:" she should be expelled altogether. And there's absolutely nothing contained in the letter (Obviously generated by someone not named Jaime) that would cause me to conclude differently.

The irony of all of this is obvious: Jaime Herrera COULD be so much more than she is.

She COULD be a woman and a congresswoman of substance instead of a petulant, do-bnothing jerk who uses dishonesty to fool people and then throws a snit full of lies in an effort to deflect efforts to hold her accountable.

What she needs to do is bring her ass back here, meet the PCO's, apologize, lay out a plan to actually DO something, and then.... go do it.

Knock off the idiocy of her bright, shinny object politics meme and go back to DC and LEAD.

Her job is supposed to be a great deal more than it was when she was Cathy McMorris's go-fer, getting her coffee every morning.  And she has the opportunity now to resolve her RINO issues and actually begin to work towards what she needs to become.

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