Friday, January 16, 2015

Guns in the House Gallery.

We know the drill: fringe-left nutberger Jim "Molehill" Moeller got, and said, something else dramatically stupid about guns in the gallery.

And by posting this garbage, he threw down the gauntlet in a way he can't win.... unless people get stupid.

This kind of idiocy is a dream tool that he just handed over to people that support the Second Amendment:  Don't want a bill to pass out of the House?

Nothing to it: just put a couple of people on both sides of the floor of the house using open carry.

What exactly is "Combat Carry"?
Moeller, unless he was lying scum, would have no choice but to not "conduct the business of the state" and voila!  No bill gets moved.

How cool is that?

In discussions that took place today, the questions came up about how this is all being portrayed. Stupidly doesn't help:

This man's hand is on his weapon. There is no reason for that save idiocy.

As a CCP holder in several states, I am as concerned for our 2nd Amendment rights as the next guy and more than most.

But this kind of thing is irresponsible BS and it needs to stop.

This must be policed by those organizing it.  Failing to do that means you've fallen into Moeller's trap and you look like idiots.

I was planning on spending at least one day up there as one engaged in open carry.

But not now.  Not after this.

The point of this exercise gets lost in the background noise when stupid people get involved.  And it better not happen again.

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