Monday, January 05, 2015

Speaker election: gee, wonder what Herrera will do?

It's our curse that as an area in these United States, we have perhaps the most worthless member of Congress in the country.

It's not just that I oppose her because of her leftist appeasement and her fake opposition to the CERC Scam which she so strongly supported.

It's that she doesn't DO anything.

She accomplishes NOTHING.

Not that such an outcome was surprising: she didn't do spit in the State House, why would anyone think this woman would do anything in the US House?

Past is, after all, prologue, is is not?

So, is anyone here holding their collective breath as to how this cardboard cutout of a genuine congresswoman will vote on the Speaker election?

With her puppet-master McMorris at number 4 or so in House leadership, who here thinks she'll vote the RIGHT way to get rid of Boehner... which likely would mean getting rid of McMorris?

And it's a damned shame.  Jaime Herrera has been and will continue to be an embarrassment.

Governing by press release, far too much of a coward to hold open town hall meetings, she has passed zero bills and did absolutely nothing to lift the crushing burden of the CRC Scam off of our necks.

When she got the appointment to the State House, the scum at the democratian called her a "young, family values conservative."

Now, she's morphed into a "moderate Republican" as if she was ever anything else.

And as a result, she's GOING to sell us out again, just like she always does, and vote for that clueless idiot of a Speaker we have now... a Speaker who mirrors Herrera's "talk a lot but don't do a lot" meme.

We truly have the government we deserve.

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