Monday, January 12, 2015

More fringe left, C3G2 hater hypocrisy: The Keystone Pipeline

We are cursed with a group of total, fringe-left nutbergers who've been polluting the airways for several months now.
Among other things many of these clueless morons are whining about are the local oil terminal, increased coal and oil railroad cars and the Keystone Pipeline.

Naturally, they don't give a damn that the vast majority of the American people want the pipeline built; mundane issues like what the majority of us want is meaningless to the whackos of the left; the only thing that matters to those scum is what THEY want, the rest of us be damned.

So, with the enjoyable, but obviously temporary reduction in the cost of oil and gas, some genius asked the question is the Keystone was still necessary.

A blind penguin could see it in a minute.  And the irony is that with the pipeline, there would be far less need for oil by rail, which the left stupidly hates, and far less need for the oil terminal, that the local fringe-left nut jobs have thrown an absolute fit over for so long.

So, we get such idiocy and hypocrisy as this:

It takes a unique, special variety of idiocy to say these things.

It's absolutely necessary, particularly if, like most of the hypocrites opposed to Keystone, you actually use petroleum or petroleum-based products... their sniveling notwithstanding.

But the SPECIAL hypocrisy is Mike George's whining about "eminent domain."

George, part of the pro-loot rail clique around here has no problem with CTran's ceding of their authority to an out-of-state, unelected agency, in this case, TriMet.  That, of course, is different.  Because it's ALWAYS different when the left does it.

As pointed out, Americans have indicated, FOR YEARS, that we want this damned pipeline built.

And a vocal cabal of those who want us all living in a cave notwithstanding, it's time to make that happen.

Meanwhile, those opposed to the use of oil most assuredly should end there use of anything related to petroleum.  Like plastics, fuels, electricity, some foods, many medicines, ink and the like.

In fact, the keyboards these clowns used to word process this tripe would be a great place to start, given that most all of it was made with petroleum-based plastic.

But then, hypocrisy is how they roll.

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