Sunday, January 11, 2015

A typical democratian/Jayne screw up: "We can do better."

Given the institutional hatred of anyone or anything or any project to the right of Mao by our local insult of the democrat daily newsletter, it's not surprising that everything bad that's happened, in their view, is the fault of the GOP.

"We can do better."

Not as long as a fringe-left, empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot is running the show in the White House, we can't.

Not as long as the mealy-mouth, same-as-the-democrats-except-by-degree leadership of Congress is in place, we can't.

Jayne's entire focus consists of a recitation of all of the presumably leftist things that the GOP has done since Eisenhower.

Left out?  Because the left ALWAYS leaves out those little, annoying, inconvenient factoids that don't fit the meme?

The conservative elements of what used to be known as the democrat party when they were in charge.

Nothing about, for example, Kennedy cutting those absurdly high income tax rates; so now instead of having outrageously high income tax rates, thanks to John Boehner... we're reduced to merely ridiculously high rates.

But the fact that, per usual, the left avoided Jayne's scrutiny comes with the typical liberal pap: "There's a problem.  We have to fix it."


"Here's how we'll fix it."


"Here's how we'll pay for it."

The thrust of Jayne's leftist red meat is this: it's all the GOP's fault, and where did that version of the GOP that we all knew and loved under Eisenhower that we all know and loved go?

Of course, the same could be asked of the fringe-left whack jobs that make up the democrats... but, of course, those are the kind and the variety of questions leftists never ask.

Jayne, as is the wont of the left, fails to point out that fringe-left scum like, for example, our very own Jim "Molehill" Moeller, would have a better chance of being crushed by his favorite I-5 Bridge falling in on him than getting elected anywhere for anything back in 56.

But who's surprised?

That's what our local revisionist rag does.  Don't like the facts?  Just leave them out or exaggerate or twist them.

Bankruptcy can't come fast enough for this cancer on our community.

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