Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brancaccio's Jihad Babble.

I freely admit it: I didn't read his garbage.

It's the same column, written hundreds of times with just little bits changed to fool his fellow leftist morons.

Think in terms of a Nickelback song.

Anyway, Lefty Lou wants Madore... and most of this county.... to fail.

That's been his agenda much like the failure of this country has been Obama's agenda.

In this case, Lefty's pique is the East County Bridge.

Now, Madore has been Lefty's fetish since he politically arrived on the scene.  Madore has, for the most part, opposed Lefty's narcissistic, arrogant agenda on an active basis.  The result?

What I'd call "democratian hatred."

Lefty and his minions have lied, exaggerated, insulted and belittled Madore and damned near anyone who supports any of Madore's vision.  In fact, just this past election, Lefty came across like a blithering little leftist idiot, doing his best to tie any local Republican candidate in any competitive race to Commissioner Madore.

The result?

Commissioner Stewart.  Representative Pike.  Representative Wilson.  Sheriff Atkins.

Lefty is so far out of touch that he needs daylight to get delivered to him by the truckload.  You know, along with tankers full of "Just for Men?"

Now, Lefty has yet to address our cross-river transportation issues, save to join the idiocy of his fellow fringe-lefters and try to resurrect the hated CRC that he... and they... were so embarrassed over.

They've offered zero alternatives to that scam.  They attack ANY idea that isn't the CRC.  They do everything they can to block any effort NOT the CRC.

Now, for me, I support the East County Bridge concept.  I support it for a couple of simple reasons:  First, it's the only idea with a pulse.

There are other ideas out there, ideas of merit.  But they lack a beating heart.  We ARE going to need an East County Bridge at some point, now's as good a time as any and no alternative has moved an inch.

Second, the fringe-leftist idiots like Brancaccio have yet to offer any viable alternative.

Which of his fellow leftists have offered any other ideas?  This past election cycle, NONE of the fringe-leftists running offered any alternative.

That makes it easy.  When it comes to actually addressing the issues confronting us, namely solutions to our cross-river transportation problems, none of the leftists generally... and Lefty Lou particularly.... have offered a damned thing.

The entire leftist community hates Madore's plan essentially, because Madore authored it and it's not the CRC.

They don't give a damn that the people of this county don't want their plan, that we can't afford it and it does nothing to address congestion, safety or freight mobility.

But then, the democratian to date has gone 3 years without publishing the Oregon Supreme Court decision that exposed the entire scam as a loot rail plan that required a new bridge to get Vancouver's cooperation.  it's not like Lefty or any other of his ilk actually want the people of this community to know the truth.

So, what does Lefty do about all of this?

He attacks Madore.  Because that's all he's capable of doing.

Hopefully, the rag will soon die an untimely death... or the owner will get sick of losing money and fire the main cause for that:  Lou Brancaccio.

Tick-tock, Scott.  Tick-tock.

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