Monday, December 01, 2014

The democratian's confusion, arrogance and narcissism problem.

There are a variety of reasons why the psychotic hatred of the democratian continues to cause their shrinkage while this community expands and 3 of those reasons were on display today.

1.  Confusion.

The scumbag fringe-left nutter this rag endorsed and did all they could do to get elected.... lost.

The woman who performed brilliantly in the face of the tragedy of losing her husband during the campaign, won.  In rejecting your bizarro world vision of hatred, the people sent a far more important message than THIS whiny crap: David Madore's support in no way kept us from voting for you.  In fact, Lou Brancaccio's Madore jihad was a major reason we voted FOR you, and AGAINST Lefty.

If I were Stewart, I wouldn't talk to anyone remotely connected with the rag.  After all, one of their own made it clear that truth has no place in the equation when it comes to those they support:

2.  Arrogance.

There is one thing and one thing only that Commissioner Stewart must do: her job as she sees it.

We already know the scumbag who wrote this will drop the hammer on Stewart any time she votes with Madore on any controversial issue that the rag opposes, they'll bring this up.  For the people, though, as we proved repeatedly this last cycle, Lefty wasted a few thousand barrels of ink engaging in his anti-Madore fetish, and the result?

Twelve out of 15 legislators from Clark County are GOP: and those this despicable rag opposed outside the Vancouver Soviet all won.


In short, what this embarrassment of an excuse for journalism says a newly elected commissioner "must prove" and what, in fact, they actually "must prove," bares zero resemblance to reality.

I voted for Stewart.  And if I were to vote for her again, the only thing she would have had to do to earn my vote is to have represented me.  ME.  And the closer she aligns herself with Lefty Lou's fringe-nutter agenda, the less likely that is to happen.

The only person who cares what Lefty wants is Lefty.  The only thing that Stewart "must prove" is that she does the RIGHT THING.  Period.

3.  Narcissism.

It doesn't matter what Stewart does or says.  As, I've stated; any time she does anything opposed to the democratian agenda, they will come after her for it.

Lefty always believes himself to be the smartest guy in the room.  So, if you don't agree with him, he's going to try to make you suffer.

Der F├╝hrer would be thrilled.

Here's the thing: these same scum who NOW say that "During 12 years on the Vancouver City Council, she frequently demonstrated a thoughtful, individualistic approach to the issues."

I missed that when  they endorsed the other guy.  And yet, they did all they could to get Pridemore elected.

Go figure.

As a community, we suffer as a result of the daily paper being ran by an egomaniacal narcissist with a bully complex.  They're very big on holding everyone to the right of Lenin to their standard, however nebulous and bizarre that may be.

Democrats get a pass: known liars like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt and Scott Weber get a pass.

The slimeball who wrote this garbage babbles about the rag's "portrayal" of Stewart as a member of the Madore 4, as false a portrayal as the Charter scam. The rag brings up, then, $89,000 allegedly from Madore, and they scammed everyone alive into thinking that Madore was behind it all.... and Stewart won anyway.

Perhaps this factoid should be cause for a bit of introspection on Lefty Lou's part.  Something like:
"Wow, we beat on Stewart with that Madore Money thing like she was a rented mule... but she won anyway.  Why might that be?  Where did I go wrong?"
Nah, never happen.  Arrogant narcissists don't allow for meaningful introspection.

This tripe smacks of Brancaccio's footprint.  Though he lacks the courage to admit it, it reeks of that peculiar, psychotic hatred that Lefty is known for, a hatred repeated in today's fringe-left spew where he reiterates that EVERYTHING Madore does is wrong and or bad, and the ONLY way that Stewart can get into their good graces is to vote like her first name was "Craig," and not "Jeanne."

They then falsely claim that "No one expects Stewart to oppose everything Madore proposes."  That, of course, is PRECISELY what these scum both expect... and demand.  The rest of this is eyewash as they seem to believe that THEY are the ONLY ones capable of determining what should or should not be supported.

For example, they take this opportunity to beat him with their editorial stick over his fee-waiver program that has done a GREAT job of bringing business into Clark County.  That a scummy little RINO Leftist like Greg Kimsey (Hasn't he switched parties, yet?) who obviously hates the people of this county while hating anyone to the right of Mao doesn't agree is his problem, not ours.

And that the commissars of the Vancouver Soviet are contemplating doing the exact... same... thing?

Oddly, that doesn't make the cut... and Brancaccio doesn't mention it here.  And the hypocritical barffage of Brancaccio, wherein they claim that MADORE demonstrates "...little regard for the public," reaches new heights of rank hypocrisy when reviewing the record of this waste of wood pulp who has lied, exaggerated, twisted, insulted and attacked those who, because they're smart enough to oppose Lefty's utopian vision, get his "treatment."

It wasn't that long ago, for example, that Lefty stopped taking his meds and came after me, Peter VanNortwick and was GOING to come after Brent Boger before even some of his fellow leftist kicked his nards in over that, my fav being from the aforementioned Pridemore the last time Brancaccio tried to decapitate his now-buddy Boger:
Craig Pridemore Steph: When they support somebody, they're generally nice. When they don't, they humiliate, ridicule and mock. I think anyone who steps up to serve is entitled to at least a basic, human level of respect. The Columbian editorial board stopped treating candidates they disagree with respectfully years ago, including to my opponent two years ago. They're contributing mightily to the decline in respectful public discourse in this community and I don't approve of it. 
This was the nastiest, rudest, most mud-slinging campaign season I've ever seen and it keeps getting worse. In my opinion, The Columbian should model better behavior.

I was a 100% supporter of Tony Golik and I'm glad he won. That doesn't mean I think Brent deserved to be mocked the way he was in the paper today. On the contrary, I think he deserves to be thanked for giving people an alternative. There's no Democracy without choice and Brent, and a lot of other honorable candidates, provided that this year.

Thanks, Brent.
Clearly, Lefty has forgiven Pridemore for bitch slapping him 4 years ago.  And with equal clarity, he has ignored him.

Because when it comes to this sort of thing, confused, arrogant and narcissistic mental cases frequently will.

Meanwhile, I will not be keeping a "Did she vote for or against Madore" score card for Jeanne Stewart.  I WILL be keeping one for  her entitled "Did she vote for or against the democratian's agenda" scorecard, however, because nothing they want is good for the people of this county.

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Lew Waters said...

Lefty opposed Jeanne, both for County Commissioner and City Council last year.

He has no standing to make any demands of her.

She was not elected to promote the Democrat agenda.