Monday, December 15, 2014

Lefty Lou clearly overdoses on his hypocrisy meds.

To be a leftist is, of course, to be a self-delusional idiot.  To be a leftist driven by hatred?  That's Lefty Lou.

The pentultimate hypocrite of Clark County, this lying little turd actually posted this recently, and Lew Waters grabbed it:

Many of us sickened by Lefty's lies and hypocrisy find ourselves banned from the daily democrat.

"Speak up" means something entirely different to him than it does to most people.  And the stench of his hypocrisy reeks.

This is yet another example of the lie that is Lefty Lou and the democratian.

1 comment:

Lew Waters said...

Funny that he advocates free speech, even to those that say things he disagrees with.

Yet, he bans us from commenting for doing so.

The epitome of hypocrisy!