Friday, November 21, 2014

Whatever is the GOP going to do?

At the national level, the president acted like a petulant jerk with his use of the Constitution as toilet paper; reminiscent of the mayor of Vancouver's petulance and naked power grab by starting the process of dissolving CTran as a result of Craig Pridemore's loss for county commissioner.

The people do not want this empty-suited idiot of a president to act unilaterally.  The people of Clark County did/do not want the CRC Scam.  The people of Clark County did/do not want BRT.  Obama, like Leavitt, do not give a rat's ass what the people want.

The question then becomes this: what is the GOP going to do about it?

Well, we don 't know what our cowardly empty suit in Congress wants to do or is going to do; she's too terrified to tell us and besides, her abrogation of representation didn't hurt her last re-election, why should being as worthless as a brass door-knocker hurt her now?

Political types are running around like chickens with their craniums removed.  Me?  Not so much.

The options for the GOP as I see them are these:  Say a great deal, but do nothing that changes much, if anything.

Or, as I call it, the Herrera Gambit.

I call it that because Jaime Herrera has failed to accomplish anything of note since we were unfortunate enough to have her return after an 11 or so year absence.

She babbles a great deal... or those with a hand up her back into her head (Ala Jeff Dunham) babble for her via press release... but she accomplishes little to nothing.

Her biggest local failure?

She did nothing to stop the CRC/Light Rail scam.

In office since November, 2007, and she never even tried to do anything about the CRC Scam except, of course, talk.

Even thought she has the same stature as a hood ornament, she's successful at keeping her job which, of course, is not only the only thing SHE'S concerned about, it's the only thing most of Congress is concerned about.

I see Herrera as the model for the GOP congressional response.  They have yet to show they have the testicular fortitude to put the security and the well-being of this nation ahead of their own re-election chances.  This will be no different.

They will TALK a great deal: but in the end, buying into the all-aflutter talking heads whining, they will accomplish nothing of note as they deal with a fait accompli.

What should they do?

The president wants a bill?  Give him one.

Include asset forfeiture for those who hire illegal aliens modeled after asset forfeiture for drug sales.  Treat the hiring of illegals the same way we treat the sale of illegal drugs.

Make it illegal for illegal aliens to own real property of any kind: buildings, houses, cars, land, etc.

End the concept of "anchor babies."  Those breaking our laws to give birth here should not be allowed to use that as an excuse to stay here.  They should be deported; if they want to take their children born here with them, that's up to them.  But breaking the law should never be rewarded with something allegedly as precious as legal American residence.

Make it illegal for illegal aliens to be provided housing.  No state housing.  No local housing.  No private housing.  Cut all federal funding to any state that allows it.

Make it illegal for illegal aliens to receive any social service or schooling.  Cut all federal funding to any state where such programs are provided.

Permanently bar any illegal alien from citizenship or legal residence in the United States.

Build a border fence that will actually make a difference. Issue a shoot on sight order at the border.

Place active duty Marine and Army divisions on the border to enforce it, until such time as the Border Patrol can be expanded and equipped to deal with it themselves.

Fine the county of Mexico $10 million in foreign aid, per year, permanently, for each illegal alien they allow to get through to our border.

They won't do any of those things, of course: to do such a thing is to actually begin the process of addressing the unpleasant realities that FAILING to address these issues have led to.  Because failing to deal with these issues has certainly made a huge, positive difference, hasn't it?

EVERY option needs to be on the table: Impeachment, government shut down, all nominations blocked.  The GOP would never consider doing any of those things or any combination of them; unlike the democrats who routinely tattoo them, the GOP is fear-driven.  And those who lead from fear rarely do what has to be done.

But in the end: we as a people and as a government either want to put a stop to this or we do not.  And if we are to put a stop to this, then every possible action needed to accomplish that goal should be considered and implemented.

Meanwhile, where does this dictator stop?

As one talking head put it, what's to stop this clown from destroying the constitution on any number of other issues?

Double the minimum wage? No problem.  Jack up the tax rate?  Easy.  Institute an executive order.  Privatize social security?  Piece of cake.  Executive order, coming up!There's no end, now, to what a president can dictate.

And if a GOP president were to engage in this kind of extra-legal activity in ways the left didn't like, these hypocrites would be out like a rioter in Ferguson bitching about it.

And that's the thing these people ignore:  Implement the nuclear option in the senate when you're in charge?

Well, it remains in effect when you're NOT in charge.  THEN what are you going to do?  I mean, you can't complain about it, can you?

How long have we been told by the moderates/establishment in the GOP that they just have to eat it; otherwise they won't get elected.

I take the opposite tact: what good does getting the GOP elected do if, once they get there, they don't do anything different?


And now we find out who's right:  because the GOP HAS been elected.

The only remaining question is this: what difference is it going to make?

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