Thursday, November 20, 2014

The irony of the democratian's take on I-1351.

Gee.  Imagine what the outcome might have been had the rag spent as much time attacking this WEA idiocy as they did attacking David Madore.

With only a .46% change in the vote statewide, this thing would have been defeated.

So, instead of railing against this stupidity, they generally... and that moron running the rag particularly... wasted months smurfing David Madore...

...which availed them nothing.

Every candidate he endorsed outsider the Vancouver Soviet?  Call them "elected."

And this is an example of the single-minded obsession Lefty Lou engages in: when fixated on a single target, you miss everything else: like how ineffective your jihad really can be.

Right, Lefty?

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