Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This is going on in the Middle East. Right now. Today. (Warning: Obscene Language)

No, I was not a Marine.  I was Army.  I did time in Combat Arms (Cav/Infantry)
We have boots on the ground over there: they're just not talking about it.

I took this photo today at dawn. It is a Peshmerga Soldier IVO the Syrian Border in Northern Iraq. We've been out a few days working and I'm tired.
It was a few cold days and nights out with the Pesh guys, my guys, and a small active duty group of jolly fuckers whom possess the rare ability to fuck your girl's pussy so good it will sing like an excited R2D2. They kill lots of violent inbred drug addicted child rapist sub-human Salifist fucks, and are so cool they've recently ...
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