Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Broken here first and ignored by the democratian: CTran to strip county of veto power; county must abandon CTran in return.

As I indicated here a few days ago, the scum from the downtown mafia are in the process of stripping the county's veto power as a result of the defeat of Craig Pridemore in the election.

Fortunately, Ed Barnes is being removed from office on November 25th as the results are certified.  Thus the timing of this corruption.

Even though the democratian knew about this all along, and even though it smacks of the kind of scummary Tim "The Liar" Leavitt is known for, they said nothing and they will, in fact, support this theft because they'll claim that Camas should get their own seat based on their size.

They won't question the underhanded, unethical back stabbing by Leavitt and the other scum who go along with this garbage because first, underhanded and unethical backstabbing is how Lefty Lou rolls; and second Lefty will certainly not flip out against this idiocy the way he did over the Benton hiring, because, well, it's DIFFERENT when THEY do it.

The county should immediately respond by withdrawing from CTran.

If they want to scam their own people, then that's swell.  But leave us... and our tax dollars... out of it.

Right, Lefty?

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