Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ferguson Mess.

Millions of dollars of damage.  Theft.  Murder.  Arson.

All over the rightful death of a thug:

The media mostly portrays thus punk as just some sort of victim.  Those who believe this have deluded themselves in large part much like the C3G2 haters.

But I really don't give a damn if this punk was as pure as the driven snow.

In the end, he got stupid... he got dead.  And for Ferguson, regardless of the outcome, riots were going to be inevitable. Because those fostering this attitude of hatred and division don't make money when everything is going fine.

Think in terms of Al Gore and the global warming scam: those preaching the lie of global warming don't make bank of it when or if everything is fine.

And remember: Gruber declared the American Voter "stupid."

But what the race baiters have accomplished... are accomplishing... is far worse.

Led by hypocritical hucksters like Barack Obama, Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and Jessie "How many out of wedlock psycho kids do I have" Jackson, many have used this situation as an excuse to unleash THEIR inner thug.

This isn't helping "race relations."  On the contrary, it increases fear and tension among those portrayed as having "white privilege".

I was astounded as I watched a group of primarily white morons blocking traffic and raising hell in Portland last night on the news.  So, whites were out there making noise.  The me, too-ism reeked of the white guilt the progressives demand that we all share due to the accident of our births... the color of our skins... as the excuse they need to take over control of our lives.

Those holding these coats are unaffected by the fight.  The millions in damage caused by scum in Ferguson and to a lesser extent, around the country, will not impact these race-baiting worms in any way.

You think Obama lost any sleep over this?  Or Sharpton or Jackson?

Hell, no, they didn't.  They just see it as yet another opportunity to make money as a result of their race hustling business.

Much like Obama ramming Obamacare down our throats without his personal concern that he or any of his family will be subjected to its dictates; that having been a useful tool, he will bear the fruits of that in his personal life and the lives of his children in perpetuity without care or concern that they will ever suffer because of it... none of these slime will ever be negatively impacted by this issue.

The damage inflicted served no positive cause.  The damage inflicted was color-blind, with thugs and criminals raping the lives of many business owners where those of all colors watched their entire lives go up in smoke.

To the scum who actually believe that this will make "change," I cannot disagree.  The problem, for them, is that by living up to the stereotype, the change they receive will not be the change they seek.

Meanwhile, blacks slaughter each other at astounding rates... and no one gives a damn.

Chicago is an abattoir for primarily young black men, and the Attorney General of the United States does nothing, because the guy running that cesspool of corruption is a "FOB," or a "Friend of Barack."

Blacks have THEIR "civil rights" violated with each tick of the clock by other blacks around this country and those running the show do nothing.

That's right up there at the local level with the democratian preaching about truth, integrity and fairness, tenets of character essentially unknown by those running government.

What it's accomplished for me is a desire to buy an M4 or an M16.

What it's accomplished for me is a desire to make sure that my children are now armed at all times.

What it's accomplished for me is an even deeper shame for my government.

What it's accomplished for me is a reason to buy more ammunition.

What it's accomplished for me is an even deeper distrust of the leftists infesting us and their agendas... and a shame for my government as they drag us down deeper into the abyss.

There is no excuse for what happened in Ferguson post grand jury announcement.

The governor of Missouri should be impeached.  The way to have defused this situation was to have put a brigade of National Guard troops into Ferguson fully dispersed.

Looters should have been shot.  Arsonists should have been shot.  Block traffic?  Go to prison.

Peaceful protest?  I have zero problem with that.

Cause damage?  Steal?  You're going down.

I had a platoon sergeant back in my Recon days so long ago.  He was a man of many sayings: one of his favs was this:
"You looking for sympathy?  It's in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphilis.'"
That was ingrained in me at the cellular level by the events of Ferguson, MO and the fringe-left nutters who used this as an excuse to burn and steal and destroy.

So, to those who think they've got it so bad, I leave you with this:

"If you're looking for sympathy...."

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