Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clark County gets another 7,300 jobs, and naturally, no credit goes to the commissioners.

In keeping with the democratian's hate jihad against David Madore, there was no mention of his fee waiver plan as being in any way responsible for this massive economic growth our county is experiencing.

In fact, Betty Sue Morris immediately jumped in to make sure that everyone knew that the fee waiver hasn't been responsible for any economic growth:
Betty Sue Morris · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
Robert Stevens, the numbers quoted above are across jurisdictional lines. The fee waiver applies only in the unincorporated area. A fair comparison would be to see how many of those newly employed, which we are all glad to see, are in cities and and how many are in the unincorporated county and, second, how many of those are a direct result of the fee waiver. Many may well be jobs within an existing business and have nothing to do with the fee waiver. So before anyone praises or criticizes the fee waiver program against it's goal of creating jobs, we should have those numbers.
One has to wonder: did Betty Sue drill down like this on her watch as a commissioner when we had decent to good economic news?  Or  did she just refuse to take any credit for it one way or the other?

And, of course, that toady Dalesandro had to jump in with his "You're absolutely right, J.B.!" cloying garbage.

But that's not really the point of this:

Oddly, in all matters concerning county government, David Madore is responsible for everything bad, and anything good, like another months of several thousand job growth?  Well, in the world of the fringe-leftist, he had nothing to do with that.


It's not just that the democratian and the left lie so much... it's that they do it so badly when they do it.

But as I have frequently pointed out here: if David Madore found a cure for cancer, these scum would complain about the size of the test tubes he used to make it happen.

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