Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The CTran vote based on Pridemore's defeat: the county must withdraw from CTran

The raping of the people of the county was completed by the leftist scum of the CTran Board tonite, and that sexual act took place as a direct result of the left's humiliating defeat at the polls generally, and Craig Pridemore's defeat particularly.

The scumbag mayor of Vancouver, Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, knew the gig was up for his owners, his bosses at work and TriMet.

For him, his control of the CTran Board rested entirely on Pridemore's victory as a commissioner again.

Putting any eggs in that basket was the kind of idiocy that Leave-it displays on a routine basis. Getting rid of a county seat was the only way Leave-it could maintain control over the Board.

Each of the mayors of this county who voted for this hypocrisy would do well to remember it.

For the next few years, at least, when they need the county for something... anything... they may just find that the county isn't there.

And meanwhile, the county must leave CTran as soon as possible.

No support.  No money.  No permits.  No assistance.  No nothing.

And point to this abrogation of ethics and integrity as the reason.


Allen Hoff said...

Is there anyway the county residence's quit paying any of the taxes that go to C trans?

Just a guy said...

There are ways. It's time to look at them.