Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Answering Jeff Guard's idiotic question.

One of the more idiotic of the C3G2 haters is Jeff Guard.

Naturally, he and the other haters are positively giddy about the corruption exhibited by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's naked power grab on CTran tonight.

Neither Guard nor Leavitt give a shit about what the people want.  So, knowing what would happen to his carefully laid plans to ignore the overwhelming number of people in this county who oppose the CRC Scam and the BRT Rip Off, if Pridemore failed to get elected... as anyone following politics knows he would (As would any pro-CRC Scammer) then Timmy would pull the trigger on his plan to eliminate opposition by the county... as the commissioners are certainly guilty of the cardinal sin of actually trying to implement the will of the people.

Haters like Guard can't stand that.  So, what we've got here is stupidity like this crap spewed on the local democratian under the article that mentions what happened, but leaves out the critical element of "why" it happened: primarily that scum like Leavitt have no interest in working under the same conditions they forced the county to work under... and the pre-ordained defeat of Pridemore took place on schedule.

The fringe left, who don't give a rat's patoottie what the people want, are naturally thrilled by their Chief Scumbag's success.

Overjoyed that Leavitt stucked to the tens of thousands of us who live in the county but pay for their scam, Guard stupidly asked this question:
Jeff Guard commented on an article. 1 hr · 
Mielke or Benton....who's the biggest buffoon?

A special committee voted Tuesday to reshuffle the membership of the C-Tran Board of Directors in a move that gives more representation to some of the area's smaller cities and strips the veto pow

Well, here's the answer:

Compared to your buffoonery, Guard, these guys are genuine statesmen.

After all, they've got jobs.

What have you got?

Let me know if I can help you with any other questions.

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