Friday, November 28, 2014

Senator Rivers and Chair Rivers: how the democratian screwed up again.

Leave it to the Lazy C to mess it up again.

Oh, I have no particular problem with the meat of the article: There's no reason why Sen. Rivers couldn't do both jobs, but Lauren Dake, who wrote this, knew that before she wrote it.  If, however, she just flat acknowledged it and moved on, that wouldn't have given her much of an excuse to contact Henricksen... and subsequently, to set her up to take a shot at Rivers.

I'd support Sen. Rivers for county chair: she would be uniquely positioned to limit the damage the C3G2-hater dream would otherwise cause this county.

I would also want her to remain in the Senate; after all, I'm in her district and she does a damned good job representing us.

No, the problem I've got with this was the stupidity of asking Nan Henricksen anything about that decision.

That Sen. Rivers could, in fact do both jobs is established law: Rivers made that clear with her reference to Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-Potlach) who has held both positions simultaneously for years.

And, while many of the conservative haters in the Freeholders attempted to implement an obviously unconstitutional effort to restrict county employees from holding partisan political office as part of the kneejerk leftist hatred of Sen. Don Benton... an effort that ultimately, and rightly, failed in the process before it got tossed out in court.... the fact that it is legal is already known.

Henricksen, on the other hand, knows as much about holding two political positions simultaneously as she does about performing an abdominal resection.  So, why ask her to talk about something she knows absolutely nothing about?

Those shilling this idiocy made the position part time; Henricksen's opinion on whether or not the county chair, should they also be a senator, give up "one position or the other" is as relevant as that of my Cavalier Spaniels.

The ultimate decision rest with those hated voters.  You know, the ones who ultimately make these kinds of choices without the assistance of the rag's propaganda specialists or former politicos who have no clue as to the demands of either office?

I mean, those shilling this scam MEANT it when they falsely claimed these positions would be "part time," didn't they?

And bringing up Benton's name with the equally irrelevant scam of HIS "balancing" HIS position is a partisan shot against Rivers.

After all, and I reiterate: this IS a "part time" job, isn't it?

Is Benton's position with the county "part time?"  Of course it isn't.  And that's why quoting Henricksen is idiotic in the face of Tim Sheldon's ability to both... for years.

What Dake SHOULD have done is to check with someone actually DOING it who also has a clue as to the demands of the Senate.

You know, pick up the phone and call Sen. Sheldon or email HIM, instead of calling a local leftist who doesn't know anything about either position, save that they exist?

Clearly, stupid is as stupid does.  And it's this kind of partisan crap that reduces the value of this waste of wood pulp into the minus range.

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