Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick question for the C3G2 hater-types: why are you all so upset over the investigation into Kimsey?

I'm mystified.

The C3G2/democratian haters seem so upset that the local GOP would demand this clown be investigated.  He IS going to be investigated.
"If Golik decides not to investigate, any citizen could initiate an investigation and would have authority similar to the county prosecutor, including subpoena power."
That WILL happen... if I have to do it myself.

Here's the thing: if Kimsey didn't do anything wrong... then why are they so concerned?

I mean, they wouldn't want anything illegal to have gone on... right?  They wouldn't want Kimsey to do anything illegal to get their idiotic charter passed... would they?

It's kind of like the reaction of these same people to demands into an investigation into the CRC Scam.  That seemed to throw them into a tizzy as well.

Why?  What's up with the transparency thing?

The reason they're so pissed is that they see it all falling apart.

If it's ruled that Kimsey broke the law to get this stupidity passed, then the results may be tossed out and it may very well have to be resubmitted to the voters.

And we all know what's going to happen if that decision is made.

And that's why they're pissed, and scared and worried.

They can read the writing on the wall, and they don't like what they see.

And wouldn't that just be a shame if that were to happen? 

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