Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grading my election predictions.

The Charter:  Well, obviously, I blew it worse than the ignorants who voted for this garbage heap.

Based on post election review, many voted "yes" on this under the mistaken belief it had to do with charter schools.

Now, it's become the local version of Obamacare... and the people, ultimately, will hate it when they finally figure out what's in it.

Congress:  That one was easy.  Dingethal was the worst of two very bad choices; far too partisan, far too remote, far too arrogant to discuss the issues with those who might disagaree.

Herrera trotted her infant out like the fashion accessory she is, going for and obviously getting the sympathy vote.

County Commissioner:  That one turned out exactly like it was planned.  Of the 3 choices in front of the commissioners, Barnes would obviously be the least effective and most behind the curve.  Putting him on the other side of the counter would do a great deal to shut him up and reduce the incessant C3G2-style hatred aimed at that end of the room.

Keeping Pridemore from scamming the gig cost him big bucks, since he had no income during the campaign.  The idea of getting him paid to campaign while he would be using his position to obstruct and whine and moan and complain made no sense.

All of this was, of course, contingent upon Jeanne Stewart doing what she needed to do, which was "win."

As I knew she would.  The leftist's Madore Derangement Syndrome was a major plus for Stewart, since it knocked them completely off message (Don't forget that vision thing) and made them look desperate and hypocritical.

Legislature: 49th.

Unless the democrats running in the general have been found guilty of axe murder, they will always win in the 49th.  It's the closest thing SW Washington has to Soviet East Berlin.  No Republican worthy of the name can win in that district.

And none did.  Or will.

Legislature: 18th.

Equally as easy as picking the 49th, the democrats in the 18th never stood a chance.  Running fringe-leftist haters that were so far out of touch with the constituency that they couldn't see us with the Hubble, the outcome was a forgone conclusion from the getgo.

Legislature: 17th.

Close until the very end when Stonier stupidly had "No Choice" Royce Pollard call everyone up and lie to them about voting for her, ("No choice" Royce could not legally vote for Stonier: he lives in the 49th District and Stonier is in the 17th.  Why did he lie?  Who knows?) Lynda Wilson was, by far, the best choice.  Swamped by WEA hundreds of thousands of dollars, Stonier never could sell the lie that she was opposed to tax increases when her vote for the Seattle-centric House leadership that was demanding those increases was telling.

There was a reason unions spent over a half-million dollars to get Stonier back in there, and it wasn't so she could vote "no" to all their tax and fee increases.

While Harris wasted $5000 on a Senate race in Puyallup/Auburn, he never gave Lynda Wilson a dime, and in fact, was opposed to her election since he was thinking in terms of getting the Senate appointment should Sen. Benton resign from the Senate.

Nevertheless, his democrat opponent was an old-school leftist, swimming against the tide without much of an organized campaign, he was as helpless as the dullard twins in the 18th.

Legislature 14th and 20th.

Both the 14th and the 20th were as Republican as Ft. Knox.  Easy picks to be sure.

As I indicated, at the start of the election, it was 11 GOP'ers to 4 dems and after it was over, it would be 12 GOP'ers and 3 dems.

The county offices were obvious.

All the incumbents save for Sheriff were re-elected.  Atkins was an easy pick over Gardner, who with his "I'm an independent but I crave leftist support" shtick being DOA and the overwhelming vote for the GOP in the primary along with "help" from Jim Mains, Gardner never had a chance.

Even though I didn't believe they should be re-elected, it was obvious they would be with the possible exception of Lasher, who had long since ceased being anything approaching effective as our county treasurer, and who had an opponent who put up a hell of a fight.

I was thinking that if there was a wave, Lasher was toast.  But I was 4% or so off. -2.

I was sure that I-1351 would pass even as I was (and am) sure the legislature will ignore it.

The vision the WEA Scammers provided was just too much for the ignorant to pass on, because, after all, we know wasting more billions will fix the train wreck of our education plant.


Not to mention the hypocrisy of I-594, the gun grabber initiative paid for by billionaires who surround themselves with armed security.

All in all, not bad.  I'll try to do better next time.



Marie LaRue said...

I'd like to know how the Legislature can ignore 1351. I'd also like to know how it's going to be paid for, something those who voted for this gift to the WEA obviously never considered. The initiative appears to be passing and I can see my property tax bill rising.

Just a guy said...

There's a variety of ways, but primarily by failing to fund it precisely like they failed to fund I-728 and I-732.

Those who have a problem with that can take it up with the WEA, who failed to develop a revenue stream to fund this.

Because they deliberately failed to include a revenue stream, the Legislature is under no requirement to provide funding; none will be provided... and this will not be implemented.