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Lefty Lou Brancaccio devolves into: The Lie Zone.

One of the more humorous (in a sickening way) aspects of the daily democrat is the oft-repeated lie that Lefty claims:  that they support both democrats and Republicans.

It's just that Lefty lies about that, and every time he writes about it, he is lying... it's just that he does it so badly.

So, where's Lefty's rag's article on the Pollard debacle, where "No choice" Royce lies to tens of thousands yesterday about "joining with him in voting for Monica Stonier" when he can't legally vote for her?

An unbiased rag would have been all over this story.  So, what do they have in the rag about it?

The exact, same thing they had about the Oregon Supreme Court decision detailing the lies that started the CRC/Loot Rail scam.


Inconvenient truths are meaningless to them.  Lefty just chooses to leave them out.

First, as always, when a seat is an open seat, the default move by this rag will always be to endorse the democrat.  When was the last time they picked a Republican over a democrat in an open seat?

Second, as always, their number one question is this: do you support the CRC Scam?  If you're in a competitive race and you oppose the CRC/Loot Rail scam, they'll endorse your opponent.

Third, as always, when there is a democrat incumbent, the default move by this rag will be to support the incumbent: where, for example, in this election, did this rag endorse a GOP challenger?

Fourth, the numbers Lefty uses to prove their "political innocence," lie.

For example, the beating the rag gave Liz Pike in their "endorsement" was designed, solely, to enable Lefty Lou to ring it up as a sign of his consistently disproven "lack of bias."  It's counted as an endorsement, but it reeks of the kind of hatred that only Lefty Lou can bring to bear.

In the end, the rag endorses democrats because that's what they do.

They endorsed that liar Monica Stonier who was everything they believed she'd be 4 years ago when they trashed her as this:
 "....singing pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered. Her big campaign advantages over Hash are party connections and political clout. She — and not the eccentric attorney/accountant/computer nerd/rich guy — is the darling of local Democrats."
That she's the "darling of the local democrats" and that the WEA has dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into her election isn't mentioned by this rag except peripherally: that they throw a kidney stone over $89,000 provided to Jeanne Stewart and close a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands given to Stonier is the thing.

The irony is that reelecting them just serves to oppose their issue concerning public employee unions.

A vote for her is, in fact, a vote for those same unions the rag infrequently complains about.

The paragraph written about Stonier above has been proven to be right in every way.  But while that made the difference with Lefty back then, that it's absolutely true now as well makes zero difference to Lefty today.

Why is that?

The Pike endorsement was an acknowledgement that as a candidate, Bully Loserham sucked.  In the 18th District, there is no-way a neo-communist could win... Lefty knew that, so that's why Loserham failed to get the endorsement.

The Vick endorsement was a combination of factors:  Mussolini Mikey Briggs has the personality of a snake.  With his fringe-left love of all things hated in the 18th, he, too, was as out of place in the 1-8 as a fish out of water.  Briggs had no chance here, and that, combined with rewarding Vick for his lack of opposition to the CRC, much like they endorsed that clueless idiot representing herself in Congress for failing to do anything about the CRC Scam, combined for the rag to make the call.

Do not be fooled.

Lefty hates all things Republican, all things conservative, and he's just as much a fringe-left hater-psycho now as he was back in 2010 when he went nuts over Peter Van Nortwick.

Lefty Lou uses character assassination of those to the right of Mao on a frequent basis. He covers up and/or lies about issues and candidates on the left.  He tries to inculcate guilt by association as a campaign ploy (Oh, My God.... Madore gave Stewart money? Really?  Seriously?  That kind of manure) because it fits in with his hatred meme.

And then, after beating the hell out of those on the right for YEARS, this slimeball tries to get us to believe he's "in the (political) middle."

Now, as for the charter:

For me it's the most important item on the ballot.

And yes, the fringe-left whackjob running the democratian is joined at the hip with the downtown leftist/special interests trying to get this thing passed.

Put simply, Lefty loves it.  Why?

Lefty's hatred, along with that of the rest of the ftringe-left, cannot be understated.

Lefty hates with an artistry that is stunning in depth and dimension.  This moron has wasted 10's of thousands of words of hate on Madore, to the exclusion of most all else except for those episodes of where something has happened where he takes the time to pat himself on the back.  There are literally dozens of issues facing this community that Lefty writes bumpkis about.

Everything else being equal, all other issues confronting us having been solved, Brancaccio will pull out his editorial machete and go after Madore.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the product of unbridled hatred.

So, why do Lefty and the leftists love it?

Because they hate David Madore with a passion.

They view Madore as the singular entity that cost them everything.  It's MADORE'S fault, you see, that they've lost control over the commission.

It's MADORE'S fault that the CRC died.

It's MADORE'S fault that the commission hired Don Benton to run Environment.  And until the hiring, the leftists had Benton listed as THE most hated Republican in SW Washington.  Now?

He's a far distant second.

Those shilling the charter scam are the same people who tried to ram the CRC down our throats, who silenced us for years, who attacked us, belittled us, insulted us and did their best to ignore us for the better part of a decade.  It's the exact, same people who hate Republicans so much, these sniveling punks refused to vote in the Madore-Boldt race, resulting in around 35,000 under votes.

And when you don't vote... who do you have to blame?  So why don't they blame themselves for THEIR failure?


Now, all of a sudden they going to be concerned about what we think about county government?

And, of course, you've got Betty Sue Morris and Craig Pridemore, both of whom managed to labor under our horrific current county government system quite well without making any effort to change it during THEIR tenure.  And that equals hypocrisy.

Odd, that: it worked perfectly well for them when THEY were in charge... and had democrats remained in charge, there's no way we'd be seeing this charter this cycle.

The Charter reduces to eliminates the voice of the people. These clowns pee on our legs and tell us it's raining: our current, completely accountable system where all commissioners have to run countywide forces them to take a county-centric approach to our problems and issues where the proposed plan eliminates any accountability by "councilors" representing the leftists of Vancouver from, say, accountability to the people of Amboy, even though those people would suffer as a result of downtown-centric edicts from those same-councilors.

That's why they love it.  It's everything Madore says it is; they lied to us literally for a year, claiming that it wasn't ABOUT Madore, when everyone in politics locally knew that it was precisely about Madore... and even Lefty Lou finally acknowledged it.

Of course, charter scammers would tell you otherwise.  They'd lie and tell you "it increases representation," or "it's cheaper," or it's a complete lie called a "separation of powers."

They would tell you anything but the truth: that this effort begins and ends with David Madore.

And that's the crux of the matter.

There's only one question voters need to ask themselves to determine whether or not their vote should be "yes" or "no."

That question?

Would this county be voting on this charter in this form if the democrats had kept control of the commission?

Of course not.  And that's the gaping hole in their shtick.

If this is, as the C3G2 haters assured us for so long, about Good Governance, then why didn't we see that form of "governance" over the years they were in charge?  Why didn't they demand it, work for it, strive for it?

This effort isn't about better government.  It's about what it's always been about: leftist, partisan, hatred.

Is that a reason to vote for this rip off?

Unfortunately, because Lefty believes he's always right, he's whined about things that didn't need to be whined about.

Take Lefty's decade-long support of the CRC/Loot Rail Scam.  When it was temporarily killed, we learned that $200 million had been wasted.  Lefty doesn't care about that.  Instead, he's falsely blaming Madore for withholding the results of a fee audit on saving millions in fees to draw business here that's a net plus for the taxpayers.

When you're driven by hatred like Lefty is, however, nothing that Madore says or does will be received with anything but condemnation and hatred by Lefty and his ilk.

Lefty has frequently trashed the East County Bridge Advisory vote

But what alternative has Lefty or any of the other leftist scum in office around here bothered to offer?


Why not?

Because these same scum don't want any other alternative: yet another sign that they don't give a damn what we want or what we say or, for that matter, how we vote.

Lefty has no proof of the delay in releasing the fee audit results, an audit put out there by another fringe-left hater named Greg Kimsey... but that has nothing to do with Lefty's calculus.

If, in fact, the results of the audit have been delayed... then how could Lefty know one way or the other what's in those results?

In this country, there is a presumption of innocence that Lefty Lou rarely ascribes to those he hates. This is one of those times.  He has no results, save for what Kimsey likely has told him, directly or indirectly.

And, of course, up until recently, none of this was ABOUT Madore, remember?  After all, if this idea is a good idea, shouldn't we be voting for it REGARDLESS of who the elected officials in office as commissioners are?

But again, this isn't about what's best for us, or right for us.  This is about leftist hatred of David Madore.

And here's the thing: even if these whack jobs were RIGHT about Madore... that still wouldn't justify this idiocy of a county charter.

Why, specifically, does Lefty Lou lie about concerning the charter?  He claims his top issue is that we'd have 5 "county commissioners" instead of 3.

I would have zero problem with this IF... and it's a huge IF... those "councilors" would be voted on county wide.

But what Lefty leaves out is that our current form of accountability IS county wide. And that's far more important than having 2 additional bodies on a board that even Lefty admits would find its ability to actually governed crippled.

The reason that, under this scam, the accountability of these 5 is actually REDUCED is that we now go from voting for all three commissioners to voting for two of the five being the system the left wants.

That way, they can vote like the fringe-left whack jobs they are and not CARE about how people in North County view their antics.

And imagine bringing in the-hated-by-the-left Tim Eyman?

He knows as much about Clark County as Lefty Lou knows about "truth."  In short, nothing.

And the costs to Eyman for this?

Well, let's just say it's going to cost him in ways he never could anticipate.

And then, we have Lefty's close:
Look, the hard left and hard right already are locked in on the charter vote. It's the rest of us in the middle — those willing to have our community's best interest in mind — that will decide this thing. 
So get out there and vote. No matter the outcome of this Tuesday's election, we'll all manage. Our county will manage. 
We always do.
Lefty, you're a lying son-of-a-bitch.

You are no more in the "middle" than you don't use hair color.

You are a leftist; you uniformly support leftists and leftist causes, you ignore the people like a leftist and you ALWAYS place your petulance ahead of the voice of the people.

And hopefully, the results of this election will crush you as much as they crush the rest of the left around here and you have to find work elsewhere.

Like, say, the Little Nickel want ads.

Because that's about all you're fit for.

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Lew Waters said...

Their so-called endorsement of Liz Pike was so pathetic that even Bully Winnningham chimed in, "With "endorsements" like this, who needs attack ads? :). Thanks Lou!"

That they even attached the word "endorsement" to that hateful screed is a crime.