Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hey Monica: you had your boy Royce lie to thousands of people yesterday.. why are you lying to me today?


Yesterday, Monica's boy "No Choice" Royce Pollard robo called me twice to lie about the fact that he voted for Stonier when he doesn't live in the 17th TO vote for her... so imagine my syprise when Monica herself called me up to lie to me.

Here's the thing:  Monica lied when she said she hadn't voted to increase our taxes.

When Monica Stonier votes for the Seattle-centric, fringe-left leadership of the House, she IS voting to jack our taxes.

And that's the insidious part of her lies.

In addition to her hatred of anyone to the right of Lenin, she has ALSO failed to come up with any alternative to the CRC/Loot Rail scam.  And like every other leftist running for office around here, she offers no alternative to that scam, since they plan on resurrecting at their earliest possible moment.

So, Monica, do me a favor:  stop robo-calling me.

I can't vote for you, just like that lying little worm you screwed up by having remind everyone that buffoon was hammering us over the CRC Scam for a decade... and that the whackjob formerly known as mayor is now supporting you... even though he's lying about it.

And, of course, I wouldn't vote for a liar like you even if I could.

So... just stop.  It's not going to help you get another job when the people fire you from this one.

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