Monday, November 03, 2014

Election predictions, local.

Generally speaking this is shaping up to be a horrific year for anyone to the left of Romney.  I expect something of a GOP wave here, as well, since Clark County is the 39th most armed county in the United States and most gun owners around here are going to do their best to vote against the gun grabber initiative.

They will then vote GOP for the most part.  And they will be much more motivated to vote "no" on I-594 than the democrats will be to vote, period, since, the local democratian has told us that I-594 is going to pass... a rather foolish article that seemed to me to be designed to depress the leftist vote.

I haven't yet decided some of these races.  I may not.  But you can get the gist based on the following predictions/positions.  Of course, I cannot vote in the 17th District, unlike No Choice Royce Pollard, who, even though he lives in the 49th told me on a robo call that he CAN in fact, vote for Monica Stonier... and according to the call, wants us to join him in voting for her.

If I could vote in the 17th, the only one in that district who would be getting my vote would be Wilson.  None of the rest should be in office.

Congress: Herrera.

Sadly, this woman will be elected to another term.

A darling of the democratian, this faux "family values conservative" as the daily democrat referred to her after she was appointed to the state House of Representatives back in 2007 has now morphed into a Republican to the democrat's liking, a so-called "moderate Republican."

Herrera has accomplished absolutely nothing.  Too much of a coward to hold open town hall meetings, a big fan of Brian Baird, a cardboard, do-nothing cut-out of an effective member of Congress, Herrera accomplished absolutely nothing concerning stopping the CRC/Loot Rail debacle that wasted $200 million on a scam hated by the vast majority of her constituents in Clark County.

Unfortunately, her opponent is no better.  Bob Dingethal refuses to answer questions by prospective constituents that might conflict with his agenda.

Almost 330 days ago, I asked him for his positions on the CRC, repealing Obamacare, cutting funding to veteran retirees and disability recipients.  he has never responded.

I will vote for neither.

County Commissioner: Stewart

It's a tale of two candidates.  Jeanne Stewart has a long and distinguished history of fighting for us against the special interests, refusing to buckle under on the issue of the CRC Scam and refusing to be the lackey of the downtown special interests.

Craig Pridemore, on the other hand, is the template for a slimy, lowlife partisan hack.

One of the fathers of the horrific waste of money known as the CRC Scam, Pridemore's incessant whining and efforts to find a way to try and recall David Madore when combined with his rabid support of the hate-filled charter scam makes him unsuitable for election to crossing guard.

I will vote for Stewart.

18th District: Pike, Vick

Of the four candidates in the 18th District, only one of them is fit for elective office: Liz Pike.  Liz fought the CRC/Loot Rail scam tooth and nail.  She helped to lead the local charge while Lumpy was no where to be seen.

Unlike Brandon "Lumpy" Vick, Liz hit the ground running in Olympia while Vick  took what amounted to a year-long vacation.  While Vick will win, easily, it's more because the GOP could run a petunia and win in the 18th and not because Vick is any great political thinker.

Both of the democrats, Maureen "Bully" Loserham and Mussolini Mikey Briggs are the perfectly inverse reflection of this district, the exact opposite of the people of the 18th.

Loserham, a legendary job outsourcer for MacAfee, is a rabid CRC/Loot Rail scammer as is Mussolini.

That the project is almost universally reviled in the 1-8 is meaningless to them as it is to most area democrats, since they could all actually care less what we want, need or demand when it conflicts with their far left agenda.

Both Loserham and Mussolini believe we should all be bent over for the out-of-control state supreme court McCleary decision, because they both stupidly (And wrongly) believe that the court can order the legislature to legislate which is nonsense: they can no more do that than the legislature can order the Court to adjudicate.

That it would hurt us badly to have them rape our wallets is beside the point.  As wholly owned subsidiaries of the WEA, they'd walk through fire under teacher union orders.

I will vote for Pike. I will not vote for any of the other 3.

Unlike Lumpy, Pike's earned it.

County Prosecutor: Golik.

In county offices, I'm much more about doing the right thing and performance of the job.  That's particularly important in jobs that should either be non-partisan or, at minimum, non-elected.

To that end, Tony Golik has run a relatively low noise operation that gets the job done.  He's not flashy, and he is effective.  Brent Boger's endorsement has played a big role in this because frankly, I have to defer to Brent in this area of expertise.

I will vote for Golik.

County Treasurer: Colas.

Admittedly, I was thinking that Lasher had the gig locked up since he's been doing this job longer than we've had running water.

But Colas has made a compelling argument that politically, 30-years is long enough and Lasher has been mailing it in for far too long.  Further, he joined with Greg Kimsey and Peter VanNortwick in demanding a pay raise from the county commissioners a few days ago.  As a result, I will not be voting for any of these 3 for anything, anyway.

If, as I suspect, there's something of a GOP wave here... then it should Colas.

I will vote for Colas.

County Sheriff: Atkins.

Many leftists have coalesced around the Lame Brain Shane Train.  Between support of such lowlifes as most of the C3G2 haters and the charter scammers, including Jim Mains and that ilk, it's clear that the left doesn't want a county Sheriff, they want a county social worker.

Gardner lacks the experience and the maturity to do the job, as acknowledged by his moronic idea to get a retired sheriff from Oregon who knows nothing about Clark County to come over here and work for Gardner for a little while if he were to be elected as something of a keeper for Gardner to keep him from looking like a total idiot.

Chuck Atkins, on the other hand, is a cop who has commanded at just about every level.  He's endorsed by about everyone in law enforcement around here, as well as Tony Golik and even Betty Sue Morris.

I will vote for Atkins.

County Clerk: Weber.

I oppose Scott Weber for this or any other position, primarily because I believe he lied as a part of his campaign to get elected the first time.

He pledged to do all he could to make the position of elected county clerk go away.

That was 4 years ago and he's essentially done nothing to make that happen.

I would never think of voting for a pathological liar such as Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, for the exact same reason I would never vote for Weber.  Both lied to get elected, and no matter how good (Or in Leave-it's case, how unalterably terrible)  a job they've done since they've been elected, if they lied to us to get there, you've got to wonder what else they're going to lie to us about.

Unfortunately, Weber's opponent is a partisan hack in a job where partisanship is as worthless a brass door knockers.  Overt partisanship in this kind of campaign is a recipe for failure.

I will vote for neither.

County Assessor: VanNortwick.

Up until recently, I was just going to stay out of this:  But VanNortwick's idiocy in front of the commissioners vis the pay raise issue sealed the deal for me, and I will be voting for a guy who's only claim to fame is that he ran an abortive campaign for county commissioner against Tom Mielke.

Unfortunately, that won't be enough given Van Nortwick's name familiarity.  No one has ever heard of Wertz relatively speaking and that will likely keep VanNortwick in office.

I will vote for Wertz.

The Charter scam, aka Prop 1: "NO."

The hatred behind this stupidity is not enough to push it over the line.

For all of the reasons laid out by Marvin Case and many more, this is a bad idea pushed by the same fringe-left haters who made a serious effort to ram the CRC Scam down our throats.

I have always believed that this county should have had a charter.  Had this charter consisted of nothing BUT a charter with reasonable initiative/referendum requirements, I would have supported it.  Such a charter would have helped to end the CRC Scam years before it was actually temporarily derailed by the Senate in 2013.

But this effort is spite-based hatred of David Madore.  And that is no justification of anything when it comes to raping our local government structure and all that comes with it.

I will be voting "NO."

The WEA Scam, aka I-1351: Yes.

One of the many reasons to oppose Monica Stonier is that she's a complete WEA lackey.

What... you think they waste 100's of thousands of dollars on someone who wasn't?

And part of that is her idiotic stance in support of this scam.

First, as a rule, if the WEA and their lackeys want it, then I'm against it.

Second, this would put more money in Stonier's pocket so she should just stay the hell out of it.

This is just more of the WEA's organized crime.

I will be voting "No."

The gun-grabber initiative, I-594: Yes.

Because billionaires with armed guards only think they are worthy of having guns, they've spent millions on this scam.

I fully expect to be going to jail because I have zero intention of following this law that hypocrites like Bill Gates and so forth can ignore with ease.

I will be voting NO.


Ian F said...

Your comments sure are negative. Though you call out Beutler, you essentially are promoting only one side. Makes sense with your composing style and emotional skewing.

Just a guy said...

CCP Faq:

1. If you don't like what I post, don't read it.

2. When in doubt, see FAQ #1.

3. If Herrera can't take the heat, she can feel free to get out of Congress.

4. Have I mentioned FAQ #1?

5. When it comes to the congressional race, the ONLY "side" I am "promoting" is mine.

That's the cool part about this thing: I can do pretty much what I want with it.

6. Did you read FAQ #1?

7. Here's the thing: those who don't like how, when or what I write can feel free to start their own blog. I'm not being paid to write this stuff: It's not for anyone but me, although something on the order of 640,000 page views or so show that others find some value to my words.

Thanks for stopping by.