Sunday, November 02, 2014

Democratian in full-on campaign mode for Pridemore: hatred of those to the right of Mao driving Lefty Lou over the edge.

Hatred can be a major problem for a newspaper.

Racial hatred makes news.

Nationalist hatred makes news.

And political hatred makes news... particularly when the newspaper in question is the guilty party.

There's an article in there today, designed to assist the absurd Pridemore campaign.

It's allegedly "news" that No More Pridemore is running a cable ad.

The scum at the Lazy C use this campaign piece for Pridemore to bring up all of Pridemore';s talking points.

They babble about Madore's money.  They whine about Clyde Holland's money.  They bring Al Bauer's groundless complaint up. And then they describe the content of the ad.

They don't mention Royce Pollard lying to thousands of people with his robo call.  They don't mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars Monica Stonier's owners have spent to keep her in the stable.

And, of course, they do nothing of the kind for Jeanne Stewart.

And the scumbag editor keeps babbling that HE is in the "political middle?"

They're putting the "scum" in the descriptor "scum bag," and living up to every syllable.

This isn't "news."  This is campaigning,  And it's not even subtle.

It's also despicable.  And it's what we've grown to expect from the slime at the daily democrat.

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